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    I sincerely hope that they don't release the Nougat update with KNOWN ISSUES.  I would rather wait longer and get it done right.

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    My suspicions were correct. OnePlus forced out this Nougat update before it was ready .. they were forced to remove items that were in the beta because they couldn't get them to function properly and ran out of time because they made promises .. so they just pulled the stuff from the beta update, stripping it down and called it the stable version.

    Their forum is filled with people saying hey... why isn't this feature available anymore .. it was working in the beta ... I'm going back to the beta because it was more filled out .. the stable nougat update seems stripped down. (paraphrasing)

    Basically they released an inferior Nougat update because they ran out of time and had to make good on their promises. Maybe now OP is realizing that it isn't good to make promises .. or to allow open beta's then strip down the "stable" release because now people are wondering where the features are that were in the beta. Now maybe others here will realize why ZTE doesn't promise dates or let people talk about the beta.

    I do wish ZTE was a bit more open about what has been fixed or allow those who are beta testing to comment or allow us to see the beta testing posts so that people would stop saying that ZTE is listening but not doing anything... I'm sure they did a lot and I'm sure that the beta that people are using will end up being the final stable product they release not some sub par stripped down version.

    Again tho, .. this is a ZTE forum and I'm done talking about an inferior product made by a different manufacturer who has just proven that they make promises that they can only keep by removing parts of the update released in beta just to say they got it out first.

    They knew that ZTE was close and they had to handicap their update so they could say they were first. Since ZTE said it was going to be January... OnePlus needed to say they were going to be faster so they said by the end of the year. They couldn't do it so they stripped down the beta and released it as the stable release on December 31st so they kept their promises. I would bet big, that in a month OP will release another patch which will make Nougat full again (with all the stuff they stripped out) .. but that probably wont be until  late January or early February and ZTE would have released it before them and they would have been one to two months off on their promise and they couldn't have that. So even tho OP was first ... they didn't release the full planned Nougat update .. they released what they could at this point .. then they will fix it in the next month or two... ZTE on the other hand will release a full Nougat update in a couple of weeks .. and still (though not technically) will be first.

    I think that people should be getting warnings and the moderators need to start deleting or closing posts that don't have to do with ZTE products like most manufacturers do. All this talk about an inferior product with a manipulative manufacturer hurts their sales .. those who see some of the posts here may actually think that the OP3 is a decent product that compares to the Axon 7 and choose them over the ZTE only to find that the posters were misinformed or taken in by the company's marketing faux pas and obvious manipulation.

    Now this is the last time I will speak of this inferior product or its manipulative manufacturer. I have taken this post out of my inbox and will no longer see updates on it. I will do my best to ignore any other posts that talk about this inferior product and lets hope others who read the posts here also realize how misinformed the other posters are that talk about this product as a favorable (comparable) equivalent to the Axon 7. The Axon beats the OnePlus3 hands down in everything but the "skin" and in 2 weeks or so .. we will see ... it may have the OP3 beat in that last item too...only time will tell.

    I will now try to limit my posts to those that I feel I can help and not try to explain why people are misinformed with their thinking or try to explain how business works. It is hard when I see the horribly misinformed spewing the misinformation because I have seen how gullible people are. I will try not to be the one that says "I told you so" once the new update comes out and people see that ZTE was listening and "doing something" or maybe I will be proved wrong and ZTE wont fix the issues that have been discussed on the forum but I really doubt that will happen.

    I really wish I was accepted into the beta so I could just laugh at these postings .. even though I would be on a NDA .. at least I would be able to laugh at the misinformed and think ... "boy are they going to feel foolish when this is released to the public" rather than feeling the need to try to explain how things work in the real world.

  • the whole point of this post had nothing to do with OP, and while it did spiral that way, the original point I had was to discuss openly the idea of continuous deployment, mostly because I believe in it as a concept and practice and think the ZTE device(s) would greatly benefit from it. That's all.

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    sorry .. I just used the "original post" to post this too .. it wasn't actually directed to you .. it was directed to those that are saying that the OP3 was a better phone than the Axon 7. It just annoys me so much when someone says that their impala(op3) is better than a corvette( Axon 7) because they both have 350's in them. Yes the impala may be a bit more stable and need less "monkeying around" but that doesn't make it a better vehicle. The corvette will blow it away in just about every other way. I guess this isn't a good comparison because the impala is cheaper than the corvette ... but if they were the same price .. then the corvette would be a much much better product.. so in that manner ... the Axon 7 is much much better than the OP3.

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    I do not believe that you will find many people here that think the OP3 is better than the A7. In fact I have not heard a single comment in that regard. The A7 is handsdown a better product.

    That's why everybody on this forum bought the A7 instead of the OP3!

    We are just trying to constructively discuss ways that it can be improved.

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    jimlloyd40 wrote:The only reason that I chose the A7 over the OP3 was the speakers. 

    You've got to explain this one to me. Everyone including the professional reviewers rave about the speakers and personally I just don't get it.

    Yes they are a little louder than those on my last phone but they still have a tinny sound like a 1960's transistor radio. What am I missing?

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    you left out smaller battery and no sd card expansion .. so .. yeah .. its only inferior in display, speaker, battery and expansion .. so yeah its not inferior at all ... please don't use my name in this post anymore... I said I was done with this thread and those saying that the OP3 is better than the Axon 7 because it has been proven over and over the only thing better is the OxygenOS and that's because they have had 3 years to work on it .. again I will use the car metaphor .. you can call an impala a corvette  .. i mean it has everything a corvette has but oh yeah . . it doesn't have the style doesn't have the same horsepower...  it has added weight .. it not sporty but ... of course the impala isn't inferior to the corvette... anyone would love the impala just as much as the corvette and have no problems saying that the impala is a better vehicle. I think there would be a lot of people that know cars that disagreed with those statements just like anyone who has seen both the OP3 and Axon 7 knows that the OP3 isn't a better phone yet there are still people calling the impala a corvette.

    Just as I said .. the impala (op3) may be a bit more stable than the corvette (Axon 7) but anyone who knows cars would say that the corvette is the better choice if they were the same price.... except for those who don't care about the things that the impala doesn't have. There are some that may like the OP3 and don't care about the lack of important hardware for the sake of a three year old OS... just like there are the few that would prefer the impala over the corvette even if they were the same price because maybe they don't want something sporty and with style .. they don't care if they have grandpa's grocery getter instead of something that turns heads and out preforms it in just about every way. So some may like the OP3 even though it's a average phone with no style and missing all the good stuff because it has an OS that is 3 years old so there is less bugs that the manufacturer has to fix. But that doesn't make it a better phone .. just a phone that may suit them better.

    And no I don't have bad feelings about the OnePlus .. never bought one ... never liked how they did business.. and the Axon 7 was a much better deal so I would never buy one. I just am getting sick of people saying that its better than the Axon 7 (in the Axon 7 forum) when its an impala compared to a corvette ... there is no comparison other than the fact that they have the "same" liter engine ... just like the OP3 and Axon 7 have the same processor and graphics ... other than that .. they are nothing alike and in no way comparable .. just like the impala and corvette.

    Now as I said .. I'm done with this so even if you use my name in the next reply i will just delete it from my mail and not even bother to read it because when I read it .. I feel compelled to reply because again .. I'm getting sick of people saying an impala is better than a corvette especially on a corvette forum. Apples and oranges should not be compared even though they are both fruits they are nothing alike. impalas and corvettes should not be compared because even though they are both cars they are nothing alike... OP3 and Axon 7 should not be compared because even though they are both phones .. they are nothing alike.

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    No debate necessary.

    I thought with all the hoopla that was made by many reviewers that there was something special about the A7's speakers. Maybe I was expecting too much. I'm not an audiophile so it really makes no difference to me. I'm fine with the speakers on the A7. I just don't understand what all the praise is about.

  • Just wanted to chime-in

    Seems that the conversation above is already off topic and also becoming unhealthy.

    Going back to the original topic of this post,  I think we all would like to see that ZTE should adopt now, if not yet, the Agile way of deploying updates, i.e. deploying updates bit by bit  based on priority of issues and reasonable frequency of deployment, rather than trying to fix all things with long waiting time.

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    I agree.  Agile is the way to go especially for consumer products.  When you try to ship too many changes at once there is a greater possibility that you will have broken something else, especially if the code is tightly coupled.

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    I just read this thread and I'm disappointed how negative it got towards a competitors device, mainly because much of what was said was just false.  I would not want to be on the competitors site and see one of their members making comments about the A7 that were false and saying so not even owning the device. It is common practice to test features in beta and than not release them in the public release. All manufacturers do this. Actually in my opinion this is what the OP was referring to.  Smaller faster software updates. Push out updates/fixes faster when they are ready. I am not going to go into details but I have owned both devices mentioned in this post. I can tell you there are advantages to each device over the other without a doubt. I am currently using the A7 and love it However there are things I miss from my OP3. On this site we try to deal in facts and stay positive in comparison to all devices. This is what helps make this the best place to call home.

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    In the past several years I've had:

    1) The Moto X 1st Gen

    2) The OnePlus One

    3) The Moto X 2nd Gen

    4) The Moto X Pure

    5) The Samsung Galaxy S4

    6) The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

    7) The Nexus 5X

    8) The Moto G 1st Gen

    9) The Moto G 4th Gen

    8) The A7

    Each had its strengths:

    Best screen: A7   ---   Best Build: OPO  --- Best Software: Motos  ---   Quickest Updates: Nexus  ---   Enjoy the waterproofing: Galaxy S6 Active  --- Best sound without headphones: Moto X Pure   ---   Best sound with headphones: A7

    At this point I'm still carrying the A7, but I have to say that each day I think about going back to the Pure because the software is just so damn good and intuitive.  If that phone had an AMOLED screen instead of LCD I never would have even looked at the A7.

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    Lots of rumors.. What it looks like they're doing is the Moto Z is now the flagship and the X is going to have lower specs.  We'll see though:

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