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    jimlloyd40 wrote:I can't believe that I'm even saying this but Apple has them now. 

    Go wash your mouth out with a strong lye soap!

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    Great question, impressive what ZTE has done, but it seems , that a lot of phone manufacturers have specific timelines support for phones and after that lifecycle expires support is non-existent and yu are lucky to get security Patches.At least Google has been trying to reign in companies on that but i hate the finger pointing that goes on between Google and a Manufacture about who is causing delays

  • Updates aren't free.

  • There is a certain amount of internal QA testing required before a company does a public release. Once a build is released, there will be a certain number of people who have a problem with loading the new release and who will call for support. And then there's always a >0 number of phones that get bricked and will need to be replaced. All of those things cost money. Unless a company is charging for maintenance support, all of those costs have to be funded by the original sale of the product. That bucket of money is very finite.

  • True - but one can only assume that ZTE feels they get more in sales and ability to price higher by including MiFavor than they lose from development and support. The buzz phrase in favor with all the financial types is product differentiation.

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    The OnePlus 3T is missing a microSD card slot; the screen resolution is less than the Axon 7; it uses proprietary charging tech.; it has no replaceable battery.

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    Who's complaining?  I'm just stating facts.  The question is why are you on an Axon 7 forum singing the praises of its competitor?  As for the battery question.  My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a REPLACEABLE battery.  I replaced the battery a few months before I decided to upgrade.  I would have preferred another replaceable battery phone but there aren't many $500 choices.  I didn't want to pay $800 for an LG V20.  So yes, some of us do keep phones long enough to replace a battery.  I saw no reason to spend money on an upgrade when the Note 2 was working fine for my meager needs.  I don't go around with my head buried in a phone like many of you youngsters.  We're going to have a generation of folks with major cervical spine problems in years to come. 

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    Why update an old phone? They are working on the 2017 model.

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