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. I, along with many, many others, have purchased ZMAX Pro phones through different carriers (T-Mobile, and Metro PCS). We have all been looking for ways to unlock the bootloader of these devices so we can adjust them to our liking. This would be a formal request that you (ZTE USA) either give us the means to do this, or point us in the right direction for the way to accomplish it. In doing so you'll be saving money in the long run, from people sending in "paperweight" ZMAX Pro devices because they've managed to somehow corrupt the system integrity of their phone trying to find their own way about it. While you may not have this happening yet, I'm sure you will, as this phone is very popular among the people who can't afford $700+ to buy a new phone every upgrade, or just want to buy their phone outright. THESE PHONES WE ARE TRYING TO UNLOCK ARE PAID FOR, MEANING THEY NO LONGER BELONG. TO ZTE USA, OR THE CARRIER OF WHICH THEY HAVE SERVICE, AND AS SUCH WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WITH THESE AS WE PLEASE, AND NOT HAVE TO RISK POTENTIALLY MESSING UP A PERFECTLY GOOD PHONE TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO GET ROOT.



  • Zte underestimates the reach and power of our community. Maybe after their sales dip they will pay more attention to their customers needs. This will be my last zte device. They shouldve played ball.

  • This message looks fimilar... Lmao, but is true none the less. Perhaps if we also blast the lying reply everyone is getting to these requests, "We are sorry but ZTE USA does not provide bootloader unlock for their devices", then more people will understand. Axon has a bootloader unlock on the ZTE site. MAKE YOUR OTHER DEVICES UNLOCKABLE ZTE!!!! At very least....

  • I will also no longer be purchasing ZTE devices because of this. Even low end Samsung and HTC devices have UNLOCKED bootloaders, or an official way to unlock them for the most part. If ZTE would do the same, they'd see a lot more business...

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    ZTE should really pay attention to what their community wants. This is my first ZTE phone and will be my last if they do not provide a way to unlock the bootloader. They will be losing a lot of business and their reputation will start plummeting for lying to their customers about not allowing bootloader unlocks on their devices. Really hope ZTE pays attention to this and changes their mind about keeping this phone locked down

  • This was my first zte phone as well I came from a low end samsung phone that could be unlocked directly from the settings I got this phone thinking it would be cool to have an unlocked bootloader on it... however zte only seems to care for there customers willing to spend close to a grand on there phones unless this is changed this will be my last zte phone and I'll be sticking to Odin + Samsung or other easily rooted phones and zte stop saying you don't allow customers to unlock bootloaders the axon series there's a link on your site to do that officially lying is just poor service

  • --- First and last ZTE device I purchase if they can't give us root.

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    Don't you want to make more money ZTE? Please give us bootloader unlock

  • I also vow to not buy another ZTE product if this is not done.

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    Can't you see how many people feel this way, ZTE?


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    I don't know if this is helpful or not, because I'm not yet familiar enough witgh Android OS to even consider unlocking my phone... but in the Developer options, right on the first screen, I see "OEM unlocking":


    I don't know if that will work or not, and I don't plan to try it anytime soon... but thought it ought to be pointed out.


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    That is a default option in Android to allow the bootloader to be unlocked but ZTE has taken out the actual way to unlock the bootloader by blocking/taking out a way to get into fastboot

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    Ah. I wasn't sure, I just recalled seeing it when I was looking around in there.  Strange that they didn't just remove that, as they removed access to the systemUI tuner.


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    Yea it's such a shame they did this to a phone with so much potential

  • This is my first ZTE device, unable unlock the bootloader. Definatily left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    I know I would have loved access to that systemIU tuner, once I found out about it -- I'm groping my way to some grasp of Android.  Getting rid of some of the messy crap on the notification line would have been great.

    I guess if I want a full Android experience, I'm gonna have buy some unlocked expensive phone.  Maybe when I get 6 lucky numbers.


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    My first ZTE also, but only my 2nd mobile phone ever, so I'm not really heartbroken about being unable to unlock it; I need to know a lot more about Android administration before I would feel comfortable doing that.  But it does bug me that they completely removed access to the systemUI tuner, so I can't even look at it, and further my understanding of Android.

    And I agree with the OP; since we buy these phones outright, not thru some monthly payment plan, it really does seem unfair that we're prevented from doing whatever we want -- at our own risk of course! -- with our own property.    That seems rather... fascist.


  • I am very disappointed that ZTE is not showing their customers any respect. They are telling us that they can't help their customers unlock their bootloader to the ZTE ZMAX pro. Why?? Is it because it is a damn good phone for the price. Some people just can't afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to have a top tier phone. They buy a phone that is  a good value for what they can afford. In no way should you punish people that buy and support your products when they outright own it. Just because we didn't spend $700+ for a phone. I was going to purchase the ZMAX pro for me and 1 for my wife, but now I am reconsidering. Please !!! Please unlock the bootloader and fastboot like you have for the axon series and other models. And please stop insulting our intelligence and  misleading us with false information. We are a large community on Android forums. Just look up ZTE ZMAX pro root on Google and you will see over 67 pages of concerned and upset customers discussing ways to unlock bootloader and fastboot. Don't let your faithful customers down ZTE!!! If you do, then this will be the last ZTE phone they will ever buy. All the other phone makers listen to their customers concerns and fix the problems they are having and make things right. Come on ZTE!! Be the great company that you have the potential to be. Word of mouth spreads around like wildfire. I will be purchasing 2 phones this Friday. It's up to you if it gonna be your ZTE ZMAX pro, or I'll be disappointed in you guys and have no choice but to go with one of your competitors. Your choice!! Make the right one for your faithful consumers that support your products and put money in your pockets. Thanks!

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    I'm definitely one of those who can't spend hundreds on a phone, not under ANY circumstances.  Before I discovered the Zmax Pro, I had considered the Samsung Galaxy J7, but it was nearly $200, so I'd have been stuck with my slow-**** Galaxy Core Prime for quite a bit longer.  Then, I discovered the LG Stylo 2, which was about $50 cheaper, but still would have left me saddled with my slow phone for longer than I really wanted.  I liked it a lot, mainly because it comes with its very own stylus, which appears to have a finer-tip point than any stylus I can find -- I require a stylus for a lot of stuff, because I have normal adult-sized fingers, not fingers the size of a 3 yr old's. 

    In any case, I did finally discover the Zmax Pro, which was $99 plus the $15 upgrade fee at MetroPCS -- with whom I'm stuck, since I have crappy credit; I can't go with one of those carriers that require you to have a sparkling credit history just to do business with them.  And I like the 6" screen; I don't require the stylus for so much -- I'm using Swiftkey Keyboard so I can make the keys big enough that I can almost use it without hitting other keys -- ALMOST.  I swear I dunno how you guys manage these itty bitty phones with their itty bitty keyboards, WITHOUT a stylus.  As for thumb typing.. pft.  Anyone who can type with their thumbs clearly has deformed hands, which stopped growing when they were about 3 yrs old.

    But, since I'm financially very limited on options... I guess I get what I pay for.  Maybe by the time I have a better understanding of Android and might actually want to root my phone, I'll be able to afford a phone that doesn't treat me like a **** child.



    You CLEARLY have the means to provide an "UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER"  for the Zmax Pro..


    But you keep replying with the same old message saying you DON'T provide it to consumers..


    You can install an update script that would for example: Flash an exclamation symbol at boot up that would alert anyone (store rep, tech, whoever) that the device has been "Modified" and that would NULL & VOID  any warranty claims,  service or exchange to someone that goofed their phone up..

    We understand the risk... but these are phones that we consumers OWN.. they are only $99.00 to $149.00 in retail cost..( most of us paid $99.00 or less )  I doubt even 1% of owners are paying them off on some monthly plan..

    If our technical skill is that bad that we somehow brick our $ 99.00 phones... THEN TOUGH LUCK for us.. we have to eat it.

    Android was founded on the USER HAVING CONTROL... You are turning your back on that foundation... And are becoming more "APPLE LIKE"  with each phone you lock down..

    Give Us A Break Here... Please.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • I'm gonna be honest here, ZTE. I'm a cheapskate. That's the reason I got my Zmax Pro. That being said, I'm a loyal cheapskate. Give me and unlocked bootloader. Give me root. Do that and I'll purchase ZTE for as long as you keep doing it because:

    - Beautiful designs

    - Awesome specs

    - Awesome prices

    - Nearly no bloatware

    - Nearly stock Android experience

    I just want root so I can get rid of battery percentage and carrier name from status bar. God that crap is annoying! Also I hate having such a big beautiful screen and not being able to play around with the DPI. I don't mind ads but oh God do pop-ups make my blood boil and there's no way to get rid of those unless we have root.

    Do you have any idea how many people as myself love buying affordable phones and making the most of them? We are pretty much your target audience. DELIVER.

    P.S: it would also help us fix the annoying bugs you shipped this phone with. Like those unreadable transparent notifications and downloaded images not showing in the gallery (what's that all about?!)

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    I personally own multiple MetroPCS stores in the New England area and have heard from at least 200 customers about the lack of root for this phone and out of the box support. I have had more XBMs and warranty claims for flashing issues then ever before. ZTE, do yourselves and us a favor and just release it. I have been in telecom for 11 years and have never seen such a horrible support of a flagship device, when you leave the bargain option out in the cold. (Which by the way made up like 50% of your Q3/4 sales.) PLEASE UNLOCK WHAT PEOPLE FRIGGIN PAID FOR!! I PERSONALLY HAVE FOUR OF THESE AND HAD TO UPGRADE OUT OF UPGRADE (OoU) SO I COULD REMOVE BLOATWARE.


    Jon Greenwood


    CEO - RI Metro Inc.



  • I just went on chat to voice our concerns about this here is what they said:


    Live Help

    Live Assistance

    Thank you for contacting ZTE's Chat customer service, we appreciate your business and value our relationship.

    Mute sound.Print the TranscriptSend an 'Off The Record' messageTerminate the Chat DISCONNECT

    Status: Connected

    Wanda C. (Listening)

    Wanda C.: “Thank you for contacting ZTE’s Chat customer service, we appreciate your business and value our relationship. At the end of this session you will receive a brief three question satisfaction survey on the support you received. Please take the time to provide your feedback on your experience today. Thank you.”
    Wanda C.: Hello Wayne, my name is Wanda. What Forum are you referring to?
    Wanda C.: Are you there, Wayne?
    Wayne Dellmyer: Hi Wanda, I'm referring to the ZMAX forums. It is the one about the ZMAX pro bootloader problem. Could you please see if someone from ZTE could give us answer on it. Thanks I really appreciate it.
    Wanda C.: Sure. Let me see if I can get an answer for you.
    Wanda C.: Then you can post it possibly.
    Wanda C.: I only have a statement about the bootloader for the Axon line, only.
    Wanda C.: This is it: “The bootloader unlock feature was removed until we could develop a better method of bootloader unlocking. At this time there is no ETA on when that will happen. For more information and/or conversation on the topic, please, visit .”
    Wanda C.: I'm not sure if that addresses your question.
    Wanda C.: I can ask my supervisor, if there is anymore update.
    Wayne Dellmyer: OK sounds great. I'm part of a big community on Android forums and there are over 67 pages and and over 500 posts on the matter. We would really appreciate some effort to get a solution to this problem because it will not go away. They already came out with a unlock for the axon 7.
    Wanda C.: Ok.
    Wanda C.: Are you part of the ZTEUSA Community?
    Wayne Dellmyer: Yes I am
    Wanda C.: Ok. That is where you might get the updates. Again at this time there is no ETA for the update.
    Wanda C.: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Wayne Dellmyer: OK I will post your answer on the 2 forums. This the only phone that ever had no bootloader access and no fastboot. This is a really big issue and there are a lot of upset customers. Please bring this to ZTE attention and could you try and have a ZTE member answer the question on the forum. Thank you for your time.
    Wanda C.: You can also contact the following person:
    Wanda C.: He may be able to assist you further.
    Wanda C.: We have no control over the forum, per my supervisor.
    Wayne Dellmyer: OK I understand, thank you for trying to help as much as possible. I really appreciate it.
    Wanda C.: I will relay your concern to the necessary people.
    Wayne Dellmyer: Thanks
    Wanda C.: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Wanda C.: Thank you for contacting ZTE. We appreciate your business. Please remember to take the survey by selecting "Disconnect" from the options above. I appreciate your feedback, about the service I have provided for you. Have a wonderful day!

    Type your message here, then click Send or press <Enter>



    Chat support is available

    Chat hours are listed below.

    Monday - Friday:  08:00 AM - 09:00 PM CST

    Saturday - Sunday:  09:00 AM - 06:00 PM CST

    It is currently Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2017 01:21 PM CST

  • Honestly...

    They've lost me.. I just followed up on a post from an AF member to see what it took to unlock the bootloader on the Axon 7 check this out: 


    A darn 59MB file is all it takes...A ZTE 59MB FILE!!!

    that you apply in stock recovery..... turn off phone / hold vol + and power / in recovery select "update file from SD Card / Highlight file and push the power key when installed just reboot..


    This file was released BACK IN AUGUST for the Axon 7 !!!

    And you're telling us you can't do it for the Max Pro even though this phone is coming up on 6 months old?

    Don't Buy It..

    We are being PUNISHED for not spending $400.00 on an Axon 7

    You can shove it.... You' ll never get another dime of my money... you could modify that same 59MB script on your lunchbreak  and make it available for download tomorrow.. IF YOU WANTED TO..

    But You Don't do you ZTE


  • Such a great device, one of the best android phones I've owned, root would only make it better. But of course to gain root we need to unlock the bootloader or have access to proper fastboot, which we do not have. From what I understand carrier obligations force zte to lock down devices like the zmax pro. Still sucks for people like me though, considering I root all my phones as soon they are out of the box, this is a first for me. Its a shame really. I hope Zte unlocks the bootloader or adds/enables fastboot to make this phone even better and give the customers what they want.

  • Now, in my messages with ZTE customer support, they are asking for my imei, serial number, phone number, and proof of purchase of my device. I replied saying ZTE shouldn't need that information from ME to release a public bootloader unlock. (In my mind I'm thinking customer support is accusing me of stealing my phone, or going to mark my warranty void in their system) I still say, if they haven't released a way to unlock the bootloader, or at least given us fastboot access, so we can figure it out on our own, by the time they drop nougat for the ZMAX PRO, I will pay to upgrade before my term, even though I'm still inside my first 6 months with Metro PCS, and you can bet your sweet ****, I won't EVER buy ZTE again. I will also take to all my blogs and forums, and discourage ANYONE from buying a ZTE product.

  • I am happy enough with the phone as is, but I too would appreciate having an unlocked bootloader.

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    You guys need to do your homework. I'll give you the same answer I gave to someone in another thread on this. If you would have bothered to search the forum instead of cluttering it up with 20 more threads on the same topic, you would've known that ZTE gave an official statement that due to their contracts with the carriers they are not allowed to have the bootloader unlockable on carrier-branded devices. The only reason the Axon 7 got its bootloader unlocked was because it was an unlocked phone. Quit putting all the blame on ZTE.

  • andriadandriad Metro Atlanta, GAPosts: 221 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I do know that MetroPCS offers an app for "Unlock Device," and you have to wait till you've had the phone for 90 days.  If they're saying that the unlocking needs to be done by ZTE, then someone somewhere is telling a big ol fibberooni.


  • dmedina559dmedina559 CaliforniaPosts: 4

    That is not entirely true. MetroPCS and T-Mobile have had A LOT of device's that are able to have their bootloader unlocked (every phone I've got from MetroPCS has been able to have their bootloader unlocked right when I buy them), and they wouldn't be telling us to ask ZTE instead of them.

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    The Unlock Device app is to unlock the phone to work on other carriers, not unlock the bootloader.

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