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    Well I guess then what ZTE is saying is bull****. I only repeated what ZTE said. I just assumed it was right since I have never owned a carrier branded phone and can you please explain why ZTE needs permission from the carrier to unlock the bootloader on the Zmax Pro when most of the other carrier branded devices on T-Mobile and MetroPCS have unlockable bootloaders?

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    What difference would that make?  I've no interest in another carrier, and others may feel the same, thx to MetroPCS' policy of not cutting you off or charging you more if you pass your paid-for limit, but just slowing your data down -- but even those like me who like MetroPCS might want to unlock the device in order to get rid of some of the pre-installed garbage.  Or, take certain steps for security, like a firewall, etc.  I've read somewhere that one can get rid of those annoying popup ad hijack things, if the phone is unlocked, "rooted."

    But as I've noted many times, I'm a huge newb with smartphones, so even though this unlocking sounds good in principle to me, I'm nowhere near ready for anything that ambitious.  I just know that anytime I get a new computer, I have to spend a lot of time getting rid of the pure crap that always comes pre-installed.


  • You should do your homework a little more. HTC said the same thing, before they ended up creating HTC DEV site. It has nothing to do with carrier contracts. The carrier could care less what you do with a device once it's paid for. I've talked to metro reps, talked to ZTE on the phone, in chats, and through email. You'll always get a different answer depending on who you ask. But what it boils down to is this: let's just say you've just bought your FIRST smartphone, you're researching an issue with it, when you come across AF or XDA threads for rooting and unlocking. Having no idea what any of this does, or is useful for, you attempt to follow a guide to unlock your bootloader, root your device, and install custom Roms. In doing this, you manage to get an adb command wrong, or flash an invalid file, and end up messing up your device. The maker of said device (in our case ZTE) has a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the device, so you call in and process an RMA. Now the manufacturer has replaced a device that has no reason for being replaced because you didn't do your own homework, and get the process right before attempting, and many manufacturers believe they shouldn't be responsible for this, which is true. However, if you'd do further homework, because you have unlocked your bootloader, you now have a way to "unbrick" your device that doesn't require sending it in for an RMA. Research a little further, the people asking for this unlock, know what we're getting into. We know the risks/rewards, and once the device is PAID FOR, carrier has no control over it anymore. You can network unlock, and take a metro phone to at&t, T-Mobile, or whoever, but because you can't modify your operating system, you can't enjoy the full benefits of the new carrier you've moved over to.

  • I'm in the same boat ZTE.  This will absolutely be my last ZTE device if you do not provide a way to unlock the bootloader.  I'm done playing these games with my money.  I have no issue switching over to a company that actually cares what their customers want.

  • POW! Powduh....

    Dude! I had no idea you were so versed! ( Just Kidding Man.. )

    But you hit it on the head.... I can't even add to what you said... except:



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    This is actually a reply to both Powduh and Raider... I'd say that's about right, people trying to run before they can walk, and most likely IS the reason for the refusal to unlock; they're trying to protect idiots from themselves, because most aren't like me, they won't recognize their own ignorance and try to educate themselves before attempting something so ambitious -- which, probably, isn't all that hard to do if you have the proper directions, but I've read that there are a lot of other considerations, such as security, updates, etc... and I recognize that I'm much too ignorant of Android-in-general to have that much control over it -- most would not.

    I once had to "unbrick" my uncle's PC because he deleted some files in the win/system directory... which should never have been visible to him, but they were, and he had no idea what they were, or that they were crucial, so away they went. (picture a huge facepalm here).  So I can understand ZTE's caution, even if I feel that they're protecting a lot of folks who clearly don't need protecting.  I suppose they feel that with such an inexpensive phone, there may be a lot more noobs than with a more expensive device.


  • Wow ZTE, after 37 posts and going on 3 days, you still didn't provide an answer back. Does anybody from ZTE look after their own forums. Can you please show your customers a little respect and act like you care. I mean this a serious issue that needs to be addressed and fixed right away before you customers forever. It doesn't have be that way! Just work with us and provide a solution to your product. Your competitors certainly don't have this problem and work hard and efficiently to provide solutions. HTC dev site for example. Not trying to be rude, but come on, you can do better. Isn't customer retention an important factor for every business? Please wake up from your coma and let's get to work. We would all really appreciate it!

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    We need to be able to access and unlock our Bootloader. This is my 2nd ZTE device and I cannot believe you've locked me out of a device that I've paid for!

    I don't think I'll be purchasing another ZTE product unless this issue is resolved in a timely matter.

  • Once unlocked to use on another carrier, there goes the potential revenue to the carrier which subsidized the phone sale in the first place, so it seems that part of the 'contract' is pure spite (fcc!). I've got a ZTE MAX 2 Z958 ATT phone I'm using on Ting and Freedompop, but I can't update it to Marshmallow without going back on the ATT network and I can't root it at all. There are so many apps I want to run on this phone which require root, like AirAudio, poweroff, etc.

  • has anybody tried looking in the developer options... most phones past 5.1.1 have a bootloader unlock in there.

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    Yes, I pointed that out earlier in this thread, but was told that it's been discombobulated.  Which is weird; they totally removed any reference or access to the SystemUI tuner, but left that Bootloader Unlock option, though I'm told it's not workable.


  • Interesting. I will be getting this phone in a few weeks maybe month and a half so i will try.

  • I own an Imperial Max and it would be great to have the bootloader unlocked. I have been a community modder since the lg Optimus V made it's first debut back in the day. I see absolutely no reason why they couldn't allow this. If they dont, it will be my first and last zte phone. Take that to the bank.

  • OEM unlock is not the same as bootloader unlock. OEM unlock in the developer options, just allows you to unlock the bootloader through some OEM tools. It's an universal Android option, not something put there by zte. Considering we don't even have access to our bootloader, OEM unlock does us no good.

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    Yeah.. I still think it's weird that they left the Android option on that, and totally removed any reference or access to another Marshmallow feature, the SystemUI tuner.

    It doesn't bother me right now, being such an Android-newb, but I won't buy another phone that's unrootable.  By the time I'm ready for another phone, I'll be perfectly capable of dealing with root, and would not even consider a phone from a company that was trying to protect me from myself.  If it was their phone, and I was just leasing it or something, I could understand it -- but when I buy something, it's MINE, and I expect to be able to do anything with it my little heart desires.  Right now, I've no desire whatever to root my phone, because I'm too ignorant of Android to handle it safely... but that won't be the case for very long.


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    Remember, this is not unlocked device. This is very much carrier device. The best bet is to reach out to your carrier and asked them to provide users with bootloader unlock.

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    .... I'm not even going to comment on that.

  • I-I-I don't even know what to say to this. Ummm please look back at our posts and do as recommended by others and further your research? A carrier doesn't unlock a phone's bootloader the phone's manufacturer does. A carrier sells the phones and activates it for calling and texting... That is all I have to say

  • Now, after everything, ZTE is stepping backwards and stating they're not planning a nougat release for the ZMAX pro right now... Definitely my last ZTE device.

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    ZTE never stepped forward saying there was a Nougat update.

  • all zte said was "not right now"

    not "never"

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    **** you ZTE. Anyone want to buy my month and a half old Metro PCS zmax pro? Maybe I can just port over and get a Samsung or Lg

  • The failure of ZTE to even respond to my requests via email with anything other than what seems to be "copy and paste" responses, is why I will never buy ZTE again. I'll go back to paying twice as much for a midrange Samsung device...

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    I know how to unlock bootloader.

  • metalheadmetalhead KentuckyPosts: 17

    I know where the bootloader is.

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    Go to the ZMAX pro Android fourm for root

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    I got the root. Haven't tried it yet tho. Was waiting to try and find others who have done it.

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    I had an s4 with cricket that was rooted and all,I loved that phone. Had it for two years in mint condition til it got stolen at a party. Then I went with a ZTE Grand X max 2 which I cracked the screen within a month. I was trying so hard to root at the time without success or finding a way to get to the bootloader to unlock to ultimately root it like I always did with any phone I had of the past. Then one day at work I saw a  co worker with a zmax pro and after looking at the specs I went to get one ,so I switched to metropcs to get me a zmax pro which what I'm using now still in perfect shape after 6 months but still trying to find a way to unlock bootloader to root and haven't found a way yet either a d even searching all these forums seeing what others are saying, this will probably be my last ZTE device also, can't do **** without root!

  • my first zte is zmax pro 981

    ive been always using samsung phone

    so after tow days thats what i got

    i cannot connect to any mobile hotspot the phone cant see the shared hotspot device

    games and apps crash without any reason

    the phone restart by it self

    cant unlock bootloader and cant root and cant install custom roms !!!!!

    i return the phone ZTE can shove it, and lose money im happy with my galaxy note 7

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