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    After reading this forum I am pissed off. I have two ZTE maven 3. I never thought I'd need to root them until about a week ago. I've been busting my **** and finally found out you need to unlock bootloader than adb and fastboot drivers must ve installed on a PC then you have to download custom recovery than root.
    I've been up and down YouTube videos asking here and there //trying this and that. Literally hundreds in a matter of three days. Just to come here after trying to ask Google( which I should've done from the get go...I'm obviously an amateur) to find out that I'm not even allowed to unlock the bootloader. Can anyone direct me to the nearest Samsung phone. I'm making the switch!!!
    ...for real tho does anyone know the easiest phone to root and the best way to go about it. Skipping the bootloader and fastboot is preferable. I have a Blu studio XL but not sure if it is rootable. Any help??? From a vet to a rook...!

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    @stripers38 said:
    I-I-I don't even know what to say to this. Ummm please look back at our posts and do as recommended by others and further your research? A carrier doesn't unlock a phone's bootloader the phone's manufacturer does. A carrier sells the phones and activates it for calling and texting... That is all I have to say

    @stripers38 Actually a carrier does lock the device. Please remember that all OEM's are under contract with the carrier. The contract will also specify the number of software updates, unlocking the bootloader and many other things.........

    So if it is not in the contract than "No...." A OEM can not unlocked a bootloader.

    But as most have stated earlier in this thread..... The ZMax Pro and Blade ZMax are really good devices..... If they had a unlocked bootloader they would be awesome devices!!

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    The boot loader is in dev options,
    1. Go to settings, about phone.
    2.scroll down(3rd from bottom) spam build number, you will see a countdown
    3. Back to settings menu, and dev option menu is open at the bottom.

    That was the easy part, now how do I root?

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    I dont think the locking or unlocking of bootloaders has much to do with whether we OWN the phones. I think it all comes down to the risk(s) of bad press from the clueless John Doe enduser thats convinced he is now a software engineer from reading a couple of threads on a forum. Im being facetious but I think you get the point. Also, the risk(s) associated with being vulnerable to an open source platform. Most folks cant seem to understand the manpower and work it takes to maintain a truly open source product. Yes, we as end users benefit, but the developers are as we say down south "gettin it!" They work their you know whats OFF for a fraction of the pay with almost zero guarantee on revenue streams, especially in the early stages of planning, production, testing, etc... All of that costs $$$$ and lots of it. From an OEM standpoint it makes more sense to control than NOT. You can somewhat predict when you have the ability to control a product.

    You see, comfort from an OEMs standpoint comes in the form of control, as the ole adage "there is comfort in knowing". The more control you have over the product before AND especially after the sale, the more of that revenue you can enjoy(profit). Take one look in the Apple direction and you can see the writing on the wall. I do often ponder to what degree the Android platform as a whole (Google) will eventually take this. Hey, whatever helps them sleep at night, right?

    I try and look at it like this...lets say that I owned a Mercedes Benz that has potential to do somewhere around 165mph top speed. Now, no matter how bad I would love to find out, there are laws and regulations that hinder the 'true' potential of a German engineered sports car. This in fact, renders an inferior product to Americans compared to those in Germany that have access to the Autobahn w/ minimal regulations. The worst part? We here in the U.S. of A pay a significant premium for German imports compared to the costs paid in Germany. UUUggggggghhhhh, first world problems people, 1st world problems. ;)

    In the end I find comfort knowing that as a whole we find ways in adapting to change as evidenced throughout history. The best part of it all? We become better as a whole, more efficient, less consuming while reducing costs; we use real world technologies that change the way we live thus making it that much easier to get through the day to day grind we call "life". When it all adds up, however many decades into the future, someone will hopefully look back at the current boot-loader woes and say " Wow, if they could have only seen the bigger picture!!!"

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    Let me set the record straight. Number one. (The bootloader is not locked on this phone). It has been disabled mainly because of no fastboot. And root has been available for a couple of months. If anybody still interested. Read my post in zMAX

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    And custom roms are available .

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