Axon 7 mini Bootloader unlock PLEASE!!!

I love this little phone and I'm savvy enough not to screw it up if I get root priveleges...  This is the case with many people I talk to out there. Look on XDA.  I don't mind voiding my warranty...  Could you PLEASE come up with a bootloader unlock tool for this awesome little phone?  This one issue alone, no unlock method, makes me want to return this phone and get a different one... I have seen others say the same thing on XDA.  If ZTE would make an unlock tool for this phone then atleast you could keep track of whoever uses the tool so you know whos warranty is valid or not.  Also, someone like me, if I did brick my phone because of this, I like the phone so much, I would just buy another one...  More money in your  companies pocket!!!  It goes without saying that your company should make this available asap...  It would be greatly appreciated!  Do it before some savvy hacker comes up with a way to do it without your knowledge, then you will see a spike of warranty repair and wont be able to tell this is how the phones are bricked.  These guys  are smart enough to find ways to hide it!!!  Please, if youre reading this and youre in the same boat, keep on these guys to get our bootloaders unlocked like the regular Axon 7 series!!!


  • gweeper64gweeper64 Central MAPosts: 230 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agreed. Bootloader unlock for the Mini please. Especially if you aren't going to fix the Bluetooth bugs, we'll have to do it for you.

  • Exactly. PLease ZTE unlock the bootloader, it´s up to everyone what they do witht their phones, we are the owner after paying for the terminal, I undestand that ZTE can void the guarantee in a modded phone, but I think that we have the right to choose and run the risks of rooting or changing the firmware. Android as almost Linux based systems is supposed to be an open plattaform. If I have wanted a completelly closed phone I´ve would have bought anIphno.



  • We need to be able to root the phone, please make it possible

  • Hello,I asked ZTE about unlockoing the bootloader or rooting the terminal and this is what they answered me (google made translation):

    Good afternoon,

    In response to your request we will advise you that in order to enjoy the manufacturer's official warranty we must cover critical configuration options that can be modified and lead to a malfunction of the terminal.

    ZTE does not guarantee the correct functioning of your terminal if you unlock bootloader; Task that we discourage. In fact, should such an unlocking be detected, our official guarantee would be invalid.


    No hope for us at the moment.

  • Many would not mind losing the warranty on the phone as long as they unlock the bootloader.

    ZTE must analyze the situation of the bootloader, since many users could migrate to other companies for not offering the option to choose whether to unblock the bootloader or not.

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    There has been chatter on another site(XDA)by a very well respected DEV from here and there, that there will indeed be at least an attempt to run Lineage OS on the mini,so we can assume that includes full root and support from China on this. I hope this is the case and the audio problems in Lineage can be worked out. I would like to keep this phone because of the build quality and screen / Hi res audio features. I myself have been learning to deal with some of the quirky bugs of MiFavor,but if i can get root with Lineage,then i will be thrilled. Sadly it looks like MiFavor,like all the other overlays these OEMs install for their own vanity and marketing, is always the holdup for security patches and other enhancements due to having to make these patches and updates work with the UI. Hope that ZTE is hearing the joy of people who have bravely installed Lineage while giving up the passport warranty just to ditch MiFavor for an experience they should have gotten out of the box.

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    With the cost of this device when it's on sale, losing the warranty isn't the worst thing in the world.  But I do understand there are different budgets for everyone. I'm hoping ZTE will update the Mini to Nougat like the the Axon 7.  I don't actually mind MiFavor too much now that B19 is working pretty well on the 7.

  • I completely agree with everyone. I won't be buying another ZTE phone after this one if they don't allow unlocking on it. I'll sign a contract with them saying I lose any ZTE warranty on any ZTE device forever if I can unlock and root all of them.

  • benkoresbenkores Staten Island, NYPosts: 362 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Considering ZTE blocked access to the bootloader altogether with the latest Axon 7 update there's a 0% chance it's gonna happen for the mini.

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