Hawkeye Specifications and Considerations

I am very interested in this phone and think what has happened thus far is awesome.  Great idea ZTE.  I am intrigued by the eye control system and excited to see it work in the real world.  There are some questions I have after reading the current specifications, that I was not sure were considered in the process.  Also as I was reading the information about this phone and how the eye control works on my current phone, I noticed that my eyes were moving line by line as I was reading the text.  So I was thinking that if I had the eye control system on this phone, would my page be scrolling all over the place as my eyes jumped from line to line in the text?  That would not be good.  I would assume there is a gesture that would be required before the control would activate, like a wink or something.  Just a thought.  Although.. a wink would probably not be a good choice either, considering it's weird to be sitting, say at the airport, and be winking to your phone all the time.  People would think something.. and probably not a good thought.

Anyway, some of the specifications that came to mind, that I did not see any mention of on the various pages I was reading for the Hawkeye phone are:

  1. Support for 5G and Extended/Enhanced LTE service (E-LTE is already in use and 5G is being tested now. So support for the latest high speed voice and data platforms is a necessity. You don't want this phone to be obsolete before it is released. Qualcomm is the developer of the 5G technology, so if this phone is going to have a Snapdragon processor and other chips, it should have the latest radios as well, I would think.)
  2. Waterproofing (being able to swim with this phone and take pictures or text, as well as protection from accidental spills or drops into water)
  3. Gorilla Glass (this is extremely important to keep the phone and screen protected from scratches or from being damaged when dropped)
  4. Wireless Charging (this makes things much easier and avoids the issues of the plug breaking or bending when dropped, etc.)
  5. Notification System (I have the MotoX 2nd Edition, with the special notification screen that uses negligible battery power to display and has special gestures and options for handling notifications. This is amazing, and I don't have to keep unlocking my phone to check notifications like those fruit based phones.)
  6. Enhanced Voice Control (This allows me to control my phone using my voice, above and beyond the standard Android options. I have named my phone instead of saying "Okay Google", and I have access to additional options and activities that are not standard. This gives me more freedom to do things without touching my phone, much in the same way that the adhesive back idea is hoping to add. If the phone is stuck to something and your hands are busy, you want enhanced ability to send messages, search, speak messages, have the phone read messages, etc.  I am able to use my phone while I am in the shower, just using my voice. And NO, my phone is not in the shower with me.)

I look forward to following the development of this phone and hope that my comments and suggestions are constructive and helpful as you move forward.

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