ZTE ZMAX Pro 2/Grand X Max 3

I know these two don't exist yet, but, how many people would like to see OTG and MHL support on a newer edition of the ZMAX Pro and GXM2?

Also, who else is looking forward to the release of these two phones sometime in 2017.

LG kind of failed with the Stylo 3 so I am staying behind the ZTE name.


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    I probably won't be buying a new phone in 2017, since I just got my Zmax Pro, but it will be interesting to see what new tech may be present, when a Zmax Pro 2 does come out.  I *might* consider a new phone in 2018.  Though I have to say, whenever I do get a new phone, I will definitely want one that can be "rooted" -- by then I should have a sufficient grasp of Android to not be a danger to myself with that much control over the OS.   If a Zmax Pro 2 is as un-rootable as the Zmax Pro, then I won't consider it.

    I didn't really understand exactly what is meant by "OTG" so I just went and read up a bit on it, and it really blows me away! I love technology.


  • Sure, I'd love to have OTG. I want to print out documents and use an external flash drive. I'd also want aversion ofMirracast that Netflix is willing to support/allow, as currently Netflix disables screen mirroring from the Zmax Pro.

    But the ZTE  business plan has no interest in implementing advanced functions on budget phones. Ever.

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