Zte qlink wireless

I too was a victim of receiving my first zte phone. Not even a week after use i started to charge. It and all of a sudden it kept starting on and turning off by itself. I even asked for a free charger. And. Nope still problems. But i think this is where they get us . they make us pay $25 for a replacement phone no matter if its a malfunction device we received. Or stolen. I raise 2 teenage boys on my ss check. Due to an illness i cannot work.by the time my check comes in and bills pd.groceries bought bc i do not get fdstmps.i have maybe $90 left.   So they want $25. For a new phone when i had nothing absolutely nothinh to do to break its  understandable if i broke it.but im offended by trying to get scammed. I let go of my contract of course bc i never could pay $25. So i re applied .now im getting ZTE n817 Legacy.. Has anyone heard anything wrong with these phones??

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