View Video from HDMI Source on Internal SPRO 2 LCD Screen?

If possible, I would like to use the SPRO 2 to preview the video from a camera HDMI output but I won't be able to project it. Is there a way to view the video from the HDMI source on the internal SPRO 2 screen? If not, is there an app I can install that will do it?


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United States Posts: 4,078 admin

    there may be an app that you can use specific to your camera that may be available in the Google Play Store. As far as viewing the content via the SPRO 2s build LCD, this is not a possibility from the testing I have done.

  • Sorry to hear it. I need an app that will display the HDMI source input. Its very disappointing since I specifically asked ZTE via chat if this would work before purchasing and they said yes.

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