Re: rooting a ZTE K90U tablet

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I have a ZTE tablet model K90U, Android version 6.0.1. I tried Kingoroot and it failed. I next tried iRoot and the tablet keeps blocking iRoot. Saying the prog maybe infected or corrupted. I have been looking for info to root this tablet without luck. I know from having successfully rooting at lease 4 phones, 2 tablets and hard bricking 1 phone. That I know the right setup has to be used or else, and I don't need the "or else". So what do I use to root this tablet? I am lost. I have (and used) ADB and Fastboot before if I can find the right cmd's  and img file for this tablet.

Using fastboot I have gotten the tablet to respond via the USB cable to my laptop with the cmd "fastboot devices" and the tablet responded with 1 line  (I don't remember the numbers) but it was a set of numbers and the word "device". I have gotten the tablet to the point that the tablet is ready to receive the CWM or TWRP recovery file. But I can't find one for this table.  I did find the open source files at open-source-notice​ but I never compiled a recovery img in Android. I have compiled files and prog's in Windows but not Android or Linux OS.


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