maven 2 great phone if you could use it

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i recently acquired a maven 2 zte 831, the phone comes with 8gb internal memory and an sd card slot up to 32 gb. I as pretty psyched to see a lower end phone with all the features this one had  and then even when I  turned it on I  got n update to marshmallow 6.0.1.well of course I updated than updates the  apps built in , when it was done updating  and added  facebook  and a theme launche, my internal card was full and I couldn't load other apps, I immediately  set up the phone to use the  sd card as  storage happy  that I had a whole 32 more gigs to add  apps, well to my sadness and surprise  and utter defeat of expectations the phone wont adopt the card and wont  store apps. How disappointing, the phone may as well be a basic  flip phone at this point. hopefully ZTE  will update the  software to add apps to sd  or  adopt the card to the phone other wise  the phones useless to me  and ill most likely purchase another low cost phone from another company  consiidering that ZTE  does not have any lower end phones that  will perform this function. So in case I missed something or am incorrect in this finding please  correct me and  show me the way.


  • SuperThomasLab's answer at link​ worked for me. i still got a warning the other night that i was out of space while trying to update some of the pre-loads i haven't disabled, but it did give enough room to finally install the OTAs that had been waiting since i bought the thing. you'll need to enable debug mode on the phone and install adb on your computer. i guess you could do it through terminal emulator​ maybe?

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