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  • Add another app.  "LocalCast" is an app that lets you cast video to Chromecast.  Was using last night to watch a movie on my phone and annoyingly enough, every 20 minutes or so the connection would be dropped and I would get a message that the file didn't exist.  If I opened the app again and cast it again, it would work, but after 20 mins or so, it would drop again.  ​ maybe try that one and see if you're able to reproduce?

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    Blade V8 comes with Nougat, but our Blade V8 Pro only has Marshmallow.  Weird, but here's hoping for Nougat.

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    Blade V8 Pro is the only model available in the US.

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    So just a follow up. After further testing iHeart radio is now cutting off after 15 mins now also. Starting to wonder  if I was getting emails to my phone at the time and that was why iHeart Radio kept playing.

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    This issue has been reported to the Mods.  So ZTE is aware.  I do believe that this issue has now been fixed on the Nougat build on the Axon 7, so there is hope. 

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    No they don't.  V8 Pro released in the US on MM.  V8 released in China on N.  Don't know why just know that's how it is

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    Well I returned my phone last week to B&HPhoto. They had no issue accepting it said there were some returns for the same problem.

    Got the new phone today. I don't even have the sim card in, I just went straight to sign into google, connect to wifi, install spotify. It shut down but in around 30 minutes.

    edit: ran it again, 15 minute mark, same as the last phone.
    Needs to be addressed ASAP    

  • So my friends thought of something I didn't. And it seems to be working so far for Pandora anyway.   In Pandora setting there is "Daydream"  setting and for some reason with it off, 15 minutes on the button turns off, turn the toggle on and it stays running at least so far. Also phone hasn't been rebooted in days.  You don't need to actually start a Daydream session just turn the on/off toggle to on.  Will report back if it ever goes back to not working. Give it a try. 

  • I spoke to soon! right back to 15 min on the dot shuts pandora or any other app off. well back to waiting for a fix. 

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    Only fix for right now is setting sleep to never and not locking it when you want to listen to music.

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    I agree. It's like the software guys forgot that people listen to music for longer 15 minutes. They probably kill other apps too, but we don't care about those apps.

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    Coding bug with power management policies basically. It SHOULD be patched soon, if not its inexcusable.

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    Now there is an article and video.  How long can they let this go?  The #1 thing every ZTE Blade V8 Pro owner should do [VIDEO]

  • Vulcan, does this fix the problem? Still holding off on purchasing because I use my phone extensively with Strava and Spotify.

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    Nothing fixes it right now. I would hold off buying it if you use those two apps a lot.
    They have to patch it. Simple as that.

  • Sad. Just bought two other phones because of this problem. Hoping that more people don't buy due to this reason and ZTE fixes it so that everyone affected by this problem gets resolution.

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    Its good there is public knowledge that a fix is on the way, but "in the coming weeks" doesn't sound like it is any time soon. Which makes me wonder how far off Nougat is.

    I think some direct clarification from ZTE is needed on this     

  • Any ambiguity is causing them sales. I would have preferred this phone but not with the existing flaw.

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    Screen burn in? Not likely on the v8 pro, it's a LCD panel not a AMOLED.  Anyways I just got back from a 5hr road trip and not once did Spotify stop, it went the entire 5hr trip without a hitch streaming music on my Bluetooth.

  • Ok this is my wifes phone. She doesn't listen to music on her phone so it's a non issue. I own an Axon 7 which I use for music frequently and it's fantastic.

    Anyway I decided to test this. I loaded up Spotify, hit the sleep button and sure enough after about 15 minutes it shut down. I checked Power Manager/Fast battery drain apps and Spotify is listed and reads 'keep the system awake'

    So I restarted Spotify and went to Power Manager/Smart power-save and turned it off. Problem solved (at least this time.) The phone did alert me that Spotify was using a lot of power.

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    Funny thing is mine has smart power enabled and it works fine. I never had the issue to begin with.... weird.

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    It appears they may fixed this issue on the A7, so let's hope they the fix for the V8 Pro is on its way as well.  I have 2 V8 Pros on the family, and it doesn't happen on either one of those.  Such a weird issue across all devices!

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