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  • Also often people forget how you pay matters too when it comes to warranty. For example, if you purchase a product in full via Master Card World ELITE card and there is a 12 month warranty. Master Card will extend the warranty an additional 12 months free. So you may want to check to see if your credit card offers extra benefits.

  • Thanks very much for your reply. This morning I double checked with the authorized retailer in Miami to make sure the MPN was SM-G935U. Good thing I did. They made a mistake and were going to send me SM-G935F which is the European version with no warranty coverage in the US. I much appreciate you giving me a heads up that poked me to double check my order. Saved me some grief. Canceled that order and have now ordered from Best Buy. Thanks again.

    To my simple old mind I don’t understand why Samsung doesn’t offer warranty coverage in the US for one of their phones no matter where it’s purchased. I look forward to the day when every phone is unlocked everywhere and warranty service is available everywhere. Clearly the market needs to mature in this area and probably will as more people realize the benefits of unlocked phones – but maybe not in my lifetime.



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    No problem, glad to be able to point you to the right direction and not mistakenly ordered the International variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

    I'm not sure why either, but it is always the way to go for buying through authorized retailers to be sure you'll be eligible for warranty; same goes with the Axon 7, where you need to buy from it's authorized retailer outlets in order for a valid passport warranty.

  • Had to come up about $100, but no problem because the Samsung warranty is worth that much. Also added a one-year Geek Squad warranty extension and bought a protective holder and screen to guard against accidental damage.

  • I’m not totally convinced how much of a “mistake” it was. They were very quick to refund the purchase price. My guess is that a lot of retailers are trying to unload their stock before the introduction of the s8 on March 29, which will force price cuts.


  • The Geek Squad extended warranty costs $159. By comparison, to change a screen on an s7 costs around $500. So I went with the extended warranty.

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    Hi, I just wanted to tell you my experience with Axon 7 (american version) regarding travelling. I'm from Argentina, and so far, I haven't had any issues with signal in my country; it works perfectly here. However, in January I went to Chile and Mexico, and couldn't get any signal whatsoever during the entire trip. I didn't buy a local SIM card, but my friends, who didn't buy SIMs either, got signal in both countries with no problems (using Moto G4 and Sony Z3). The worst part is that Movistar, which is the name of my carrier, is present in both Chile and Mexico. So Axon is the one to blame here.

    Anyway, good luck with your trip.

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    I've used my American version A7 in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium in January with SIM cards from the respective countries with absolutely no problems on voice and 3G and LTE data .  I was on MM at the time-I'll be back to the group should I have a problem on N next month.  BTW, I've had no problems with N.  Did a factory reset and reinstalled all my apps with their settings from Google MM settings.  Took less than an hour including rearranging icons. 

  • Thank you for the reply. I had to make a decision between the Axon 7 and the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. I finally bought the s7 Edge unlocked, which allows me to easily change SIMs and thereby change carriers. Using prepaid plans makes it very affordable. The phone has operated perfectly everywhere I’ve been. I put in a local SIM and am good to go. If one carrier doesn’t have a signal, I can change SIMs and find a carrier with a signal. The phone signal from the s7 is sometimes weak, but that is usually a problem of my distance from the tower and antenna. By having the ability to change SIM cards you might have been able to overcome the problems in Chili and Mexico, but then again maybe not.

    I added 256 GB SD and have plenty of memory for everything in addition to the 32 GB internal to the phone. I bought a clear protective case and screen protector. I also purchased a leather smartphone holster large enough for the s7 that has a strong loop for a belt and further protects the phone when I am out and about and want both hands free. With the phone holster I don’t need to hold the phone all the time and it is quite secure and can be hidden beneath my shirt.

    So far, so good.

    Good luck in your future travels.


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    Sounds like your going to have a great trip.

    I am an American who lives in Brazil and my US version of the Axon 7 works just fine here.   When I was in the US I believe it ought a chip there to use.   Here in Brazil,  I use my Vivo chip.

    I do recommend that you make sure you get a travel adapter for the plug since you are going to so many countries and they might have different plug shapes.

    I was in would have loved to have had this phone when I made my trip to Europe this summer... Milan,  Turin,  Lisboa,  Madrid and Lausanne.  

    Enjoy the trip and the phone.

  • Yes, I have travelled quite a bit internationally, but having retired, now most of my trips are for pleasure instead of work. My wife enjoyed travelling with me when I worked, but now we mostly go where she wants to go and that’s fine. I have a nice set of numerous power adapters and of course a nice power converter. Can power up just about anywhere. Did buy a new smart converter to handle the sensitive smartphone battery when dealing with dirty power. I used to have a nice transformer that I used in the Far East to level out all the nasty power spikes and sags, but it’s just too heavy to lug around on trips. Also, most of the new toys can handle either 110 or 220. Older toys still need a converter. Don’t want to stick a 110v device into a 220v plug. Circuit breaking smoke city. Don’t ask me how I know.



  • I've used my Axon 7 in India, Dubai, Ecuador and Beijing and it has worked great.  I'm using T-Mobile's free international roaming, not paying extra.  Usually I have to select the correct network (in Network settings) when I arrive, so it is worth looking up their partners in advance of arriving.  I haven't needed to buy a local SIM in these (and many other, with previous phones) countries.

  • Two A7s worked perfectly in Mexico for me on TMobile back in Dec 2016. Perhaps it was your carrier?

  • Nobody beats Tmobile on international travel connectivity  

  • I'm thinking of buying a used Axon 7 in a few hours, in order to use it on T-Mobile in Italy and England next month.

    I'm looking for confirmation that the Axon 7 has the bands/radios/etc to make this painless.... and so far looking at this discussion item. that seems to be the case?

    I've been trying a former AT&T Galaxy S6 and a former AT&T Galaxy S7 Active on T-Mobile in the US and have been having all kinds of problems... I suppose that problems in the US might mean problems in Europe!

    I'd like to avoid buying local sims in Italy and England, but wold appreciate recommendations for good high data sims (text and vbice costs and amounts don't matter to me as much)

    Just as a back-up.

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    I have the American version of the Axon 7 and I live I Brazil.

    I have no problems with the phone. Here.

    As a matter of fact, I was in the United States two weeks ago and used a chip from TMobile with no problem.

    I recommend you going to and look up the Axon 7.  The have a list of the bands for all the countries.  There is three lists.  One for North America, one for South America and one for International.


  • Thanks. All I can find however is the North American variant phone.

  • martinbowlsmartinbowls Anapolis, Goiás Brazil, South AmericaPosts: 80 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Which variant of phone are you buying?  

  • So, I guess I am going in the wrong direction by trying to find "a list of the bands for all the countries.  There is three lists.  One for North America, one for South America and one for International." ?

  • martinbowlsmartinbowls Anapolis, Goiás Brazil, South AmericaPosts: 80 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The list I mentions shows all the bands used for the different countries around the world.   If you live in the US you definitely want to buy the North American Version of the phone.

    It is a very versatile phone.

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    I have the American version (A2017U) it works fine all over Europe.  However, the European version will not fully work in the US.  You might be interested in:

    Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia - Check if your phone works on a network

    I always buy a local prepaid SIM-it's usually pretty painless.  They are dirt cheap and usually give you access to LTE data-many packages also include very cheap calling to the US.

    Three works all over the UK and you can top up for a 10% fee and get the SIM before you leave the US-the SIM stays alive as long as you have a balance. Home | UK SIMSUK SIMS | Sim Cards | Top Up   I've forgotten what I've used in Italy-it's been a year or so.

  • I've used my Axon 7 - US version in China with no problem. China does not allow prepaid local SIM cards, but my Ting (TMobile) card worked just fine. Highly recommend Google Translate and download the local language pack rather than depending on online use.

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