zte gallery - hidden albums - content still shows

I recently got the maven 2 that includes the hidden album feature with the gallery.

my friend, who doesn't have any money, has a cheap htc phone (won't buy anything else so stuck with 5gb) that he has real racing 3 on which takes up about 1.2gb at 25% thru the game (you download "assets" for races as you go further into the game, if you download all it takes up nearly 3gb, give or take) he has about a gb of music on the phone itself, basically can't do anything with the phone without getting an sd card.

I happen to have a seperate 32gb sd card that I thought I would move my "private videos" to my main 16gb card in my phone and hide them using this feature, however, i have found out, even tho the album is hidden, the video album (system-generated) still shows and makes access for my "private videos".

Is there any way to get around this without making the folder itself hidden (going to the folder and adding a dot in front of folder title, system wont recognize its there, you will have to go into file manager with hidden folders turned on to find it, same for looking at it on the computer)

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