Sd card issues/recovery menu help

My phone wont upgrade froM the sd card or the cache in the recover menu it states its depreciated (the cache)  and its unavailable (the sd)  eveb know they operate properly not in the recovery menu. Also when entering the recovery menu on the bottom in yello text its states "tz data missing: bitmap_stageempty missing (code-7)" new line " yz data missing:bitmap_stagefill missing" im pretty sure thats how it states it but i know for a fact this is what it says.  What does tgis mean.  Also i cant backup my device from google bit its is connected to my acct..  So many issues so sad i agree with other this is my last zte i had zte for years why are you guys such lags on helping us out on this phone you offer help but common your choices of help suck i have already sent it in cuz it gave me 3erd degree burns on my hand and it came back with software issues now you want me to send again seriously... I juat want a new phone n yhen i send this one back no you want me to wait 2 weeks after i send this on in.   Totally unreasonable.. Help a sister out and fix tge dang thing already.

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    Can you please follow our account so that we can have a private conversation to resolve this issue?


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    How do i do that can you text or call

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    ​ in order to follow someone you simple scroll over there user name and click the follow option, since ZTE already followed you it will allow them to be able to send direct private messages to you. We dont want to have peoples personal number and details posted in the threads for everyone to see. Below is a example to better explain for you Hope it helps


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    thread locked as complete, please create a new thread if additional assistance is needed

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