Spro2 sound error

I use my spro2 every day and since the last updade of some apps yesterday, I can't use any bluetoth device. It doesn't work anymore any kind of sound by bluetoth. anyone have the same?


  • I'm having the same issue with connecting the bluetooth on the spro2 smart projector to work...

    I've reset and hard rest the unit and i've turned off and on the bluetooth and sync and re-sync the bluetooth devices and at one point

    I had it working but a few minutes later the sound would not work while the bluetooth was sync...


    what's going on with this issues?

    help please

    thank you

  • ironbaybeedollironbaybeedoll United States Posts: 4,629 mod

    ​ Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. Do you know what apps updated? Can you please tell me what model and build you are using so that we can troubleshoot further. Should you have any questions please let me know

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