New Axon 7 user/Nougat/TWRP help

Hello I'm Eddie. New A7 user. I've been watching this forum forever getting tips about the phone. Well I've finally bitten the bullet and gotten one off eBay. I charged it and set everything up and went to download the Nougat update, with everything going fine. When the phone reboots though I'm taken to the TWRP page. I don't know how to install the update from here, or how to do it from the TWRP page. I havent installed a sim or sd card yet. just trying to have the phone right before I do that. I did some digging and I guess the previous owner must've rooted it.

Is there a way around this? I'd rather have Nougat than a rooted phone. I don't plan on tinkering with the phone too much. Any help would be appreciated.


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    well .. one problem is .. you got an already hacked phone because Axon 7's do not come with TWRP. So ... you will have to give us some more information ... first of all ... what model is it? .. its it the A2017, A2017G or A2017U ... then we need to know what you are running on it now .. is it ZTE's ROM and if so what version .. B29? If not what ROM does it have on it?

  • thanks for the quck reply.

    the model number is: ZTE A2017U_1601

    the build number is: A2017UV1.0.0B29

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    If you want it stock, you'll need:

    • Android developer tools ADB and FASTBOOT.
    • axon7tool
    • Matching stock installer, stock fastboot image, and stock recovery image (any version as long as they're matching and for your phone).


    1. 'adb push' the stock installer to /external_sd while TWRP is running.
    2. Write fastboot and recovery one at a time with axon7tool
    3. Boot into recovery and install stock installer.
    4. Install from SD Card
    5. Optional - search XDA for instructions to lock the bootloader

    If you want to go with Lineage OS, you'll need:

    • Android developer tools ADB and FASTBOOT.
    • Lineage OS installer
    • Arm64 Gapps installer


    1. 'adb push' the installers to /external_sd while TWRP is running.
    2. Install Lineage OS and Gapps with TWRP

    You'll want to go here for details:

    Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches & Android App Development - XDA Forums

    There are a LOT of details.

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    ok ..thanks for the added info ... ok ... you have two choices ... should be very simple .. the other may be a bit tricky ... the first way would be to bring your phone back to factory B29 and in doing so you should be able to download the OTA update and update to Nougat.

    The other way is by flashing the full nougat ROM to the system but that would also include adding TWRP again and rooting the phone again. Those steps can be a bit tricky ... the hard part is getting the phone and the "flashing program" to talk to each other ... after that .. its not too hard .. if you want to do that .. I will give you instructions ..but ... I'll wait for the answer before doing that because it will be a lot to type hehe. You can download the stock B29 from here ZTE Axon 7  scroll down to the near the bottom and click software updates.

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    This way is outdated and not necessary for his situation .. he already has twrp on his system so his phone most likely already has an unlocked boot loader. He would be better off using the full nougat flash ... or flashing back to a stock b29 image then upgrading to nougat and I was told that you can flash the "" with TWRP so no need to go back to the stock recovery .. once this is done he will be back on the stock recovery.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I'd def like the path of least resistance, i.e. going back to stock with just a few clicks. I have messed with flashing, etc since I had my Evo 4G, so I'm a little rusty lol. I don't want to mess up the phone either. Then I'll be back on here needing even more help lol. I really do appreciate the help/replies. I'm glad I joined this.

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    I believe that would be the easiest option ...

    download the and copy it to your SD card .. not sure i think it comes zipped and inside the zip is the "" that you need to copy ... but dont quote me on that...

    once you have on your sd card launch TWRP again click on Wipe then Advanced wipe and select the Data and click on Repair or Change file System.

    look at where it says Mount point and see if File system is ext4 or f2fs ... if it is f2fs or if you have saved pin/password to log in or Fingerprint ... then choose Change File System and click on Ext4.

    When that is done go back .. dont restart but use the back to go back to the begining of wipe again and do a factory reset.

    Again go back and not restart ... and keep going back to the main menu and choose Install

    then go to select storage and select your SDcard and select the

    then swipe to flash.

    If all goes as planned you will have a stock B29 install again and you should be able to do an OTA update to Nougat.. your phone should be back to "stock" with an unlocked bootloader.

  • ok that seems smooth enough. where do i get the at? i haven't installed a sd card yet but i will when i go to perform these steps.

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    This is what you can do, to get back to Full Stock and be able to update to Nougat, Just to the following stepsare you are be good to go. :

    Before proceeding doing this WILL PERFORM A FACTORY RESET, save everything from Internal Storage (pictures, documents, etc.) Before doing anything else.

    1- Download the B29 Update zip file from zteusa support page (under software update for axon 7) or click the following link Axon 7

      * Unzip America A2017U SD card softward package(323140B2979A2017UV1.0.0B29)SD and MOVE only the "" to the root of your SDCard.

    * Using  TWRP Custom Recovery.

    1- Boot into TWRP Custom Recovery (Manually or via adb)

      * Manually : Completely shut down device - Press and Hold Volume & Power )

      * adb : enable usb debugging  under developer options then.   

                  type " adb reboot recovery "

    2- Tap Mount > Check " Mount System as Read-only "  (VERY IMPORTANT)

    3- Tap INSTALL

    4-  Navigate to where the zip file is located and select the file

    5- Slide to Install , Let it install and you'll be back to B29 stock software.

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    drakenfx gave the link and steps better than me .. and he left out parts I though you needed to do but I guess dont .. and added a step that I didn't know you needed .. and I trust his answer over mine

  • thanks i appreciate all the help. i'll give it a go when i have some real time to sit with it and give it a go, because it'll need my full attention. thanks for everything.

  • DrakenFXDrakenFX Mobile United States Posts: 1,811 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Glad I can help, any more questions just let us know.

  • kevinmcmurtriekevinmcmurtrie Silicon Valley areaPosts: 317 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I haven't tried it on the Axon 7, but it's common for full factory installers to need features that don't exist under TWRP.  It's best to run factory installers with the factory bootloader and recovery images.  You don't want weird glitches because some proprietary chips weren't mapped correctly in TWRP and you end up with a mix of Nougat and Marshmallow firmware.

  • johnorionjohnorion New YorkPosts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭✭

    the b29 is a full reset .. basically it has everything .. boot , modems , system, all partitions .. so when twrp copies it .. its just copying an image over nothing of the original files are left so .. I doubt there is any way for mixing. Plus he is on B29 now and flashing B29 so there shouldn't be any mixing

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