SPRO2 - must have accesssories! (HDMI Bluetooth Audio) + (Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Remote)

I found both of these to work flawlessly for those who are looking for better ways to expand the use of your SPRO2

(and NO i have ZERO association w/these product...just spreading the wealth)


Bluetooth Audio Adapter (for HDMI use and all other use if preferred)

HDMI copy protection shuts down Bluetooth audio so an adapter is needed. After trying quite a few...this is the one highly recommended.

On a good day you can find for $12.... do a search...


* sound is excellent! supports the DOLBY settings app on SPRO2

* NO AUDIO LAG! the mission impossible is solved here. 

* Can use as a TRANSMITTER for SPRO2 Audio output or RECEIVER for any headphones input!  (I use two one for each)

* excellent long life battery (10 hours plus b4 needing charge)

* supports up to (2) headphones or devices at once.
* pairing does not disonnect. one time setup seems to hold place.
* can be charged via USB port on SPRO2. no need to run wires or plugs.


For what it accomplishes, absolutely NONE!


Keyboard / Mouse Remote - w/touchpad !!! BACKLIT !!!  This is by far the absolute MUST have!

(With Backlit) iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse Combo



* Bluetooth. Remains paired at all times using SPRO2 pairing (Even when using audio ada
* ESC button (also BACK button)  takes you back one step on all screens. Simple back back with one click, one click, one click!  (You have no idea how much this is used!!!)
* BACKLIT! - Backlit on the touch of a key automatically!   Hello???

* Mouse Touchpad - Use or dont, no need to configure, always on if you need. Sometimes you do need to move a mouse pointer.
* Full function keyboard! Number, Letter & Customised Commands! Works with all apps a must! (Esp KODI)
* Can be charged via USB port on SPRO2.
* Excellent range! Long battery life.

* No pairing disconnects. Does go to sleep when not being used.

* No Lag! Super quick response!

* Hard Touch Keys! Always a benefit. Feel what your pressing, not what you hope you might be pressing.

CONS*  -

* Use of keyboard during HDMI projection can only be seen on the unit display screen, not projection. (again only HDMI use) All others follow along on your screen. 

* Does not power on or off unit. Must power on projector. (not a big deal)

Again great tools that are highly recommended for any SPRO2 user. 


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