Maps in weather apps missing roads & detsils Axon 7

I use several weather apps: Storm, NOAA+, Accuweather.  After Nougat update the road features are missing in all of the. The radar shows up fine just nothing to reference it to. Turned off power save in GPS, Google Maps, and weather apps but didnht help even adfter powerdown & restart.  If it was just one app I would think it was the app. Even Yelp has the issue intermittently.  Any ideas?


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    Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to? 

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    Do these weather apps have different map views?  I use Weather Underground and don't have the problem you are having, but I also can switch to a different map view like Satellite view.  I can switch back and forth with no issue. 

    Is the Google Maps application working on your phone or does it not show any roads either?

    Try clearing Google maps app cache and data cache, reboot and see if that helps.  If not, I would do a factory data reset.

  • Yes they have different views and I have tried them all and in various combinations. Google Maps seems to work fine.  This is just a minor irritation since I can get a larger overview on my tablet and the 25, 50 100 mile rings on storm are fine for things up close.  The phone is less than 2 weeks old so don't think a factory reset will help but I did clear the caches, etc.  The short time it before the Nougat update it was working fine.  It's also in GASBUDDY and YELP but I generally use my tablet for those.  Sometimes comes and goes. If you look in the recent location requests list  in Google Maps Accuweather, GasBuddy and Yelp always show up but Storm and NOAA Weather don't but about half the time.  Not the first issue I have had with this phone but have figured out most of the to be one of the power saving settings. 

  • I have found that for GAS Buddy it depends on the amount of area selected.  About 3/4 mile circumference you can see roads, more than that just the gas stations but nothing else.  For the weather apps it doesn't matter how small the area you select is.

  • My AXON 7 is doing the same thing. I have the Realtor app, the Zillow app, and the Weather Bug app. When I pull up the maps on those apps, it looks the same as the screen shot above!

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