Updated: 4/20 Galaxy Gear S3 Working with all functions fully functional with Axon Series

musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

Apps / Function working:

SAMSUNG PAY (Even works in stand alone mode and with an unlocked bootloader on the A7)

Messaging (Google's app) [read and reply as well as view multiple messages]

Calls through the watch or the phone

Skype / Whatapp (able to read, read multiple messages, and reply)

Google Now notifications

S-Health ( with MyFitnessPal integration, hydro coach, and others)

Google Music connects right to the built in music controls on Gear

Spotify (remote control and independant mode)

SnapChat notifications

Here Maps for standalone maps and directions

Call forwarding (without using number sync from AT&T)

Devices Tested to be compatibile with the Gear S3:

Axon 7 (running Android 7.1.1)

Axon 7 Mini (running Android 6) [currently testing full functionality]

Not working or no support yet:

Google Maps (notifications dont display on the watch)

This is an active discussion about the Axon Series (Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini) and the Gear S3 working together and will be updated as more information and things change.

If you would like my to test a specific app or something for you please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to do what I can.

Upcoming Phones to be tested for compatibility:

Axon Pro



  • Google Maps (notifications dont display on the watch) won't work with S3, even with Samsung s7 edge, download here map , I think Tizen OS not supported. Noting to do woth Axon 7 or any other phone.

  • A 7  split screen delete option-

    List of carriers that will function on the A7 with Android 7.0 -

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    ​ not sure where the confusion is this a thread for the Galaxy Gear S3 and the A7 compatibility please check out one of the Nougat threads for Axon 7 function discussions.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Update: So the band in the box that comes with this watch is VERY uncomfortable, at first I thought it might just because of the large band so I switch to the small band and still unusable. It makes the watch sit very awkwardly on the wrist and the buckle is very big and bulky which causes alot of discomfort. I thankfully bought a replacement band the day I got the watch so that finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I immediately replaced it with the new metal band which I made sure to look at and make sure didnt have a big buckle. Ended up going with a metal band with a butterfly clasp and wow what a HUGE difference.

    The watch now sits perfectly on the wrist which is difficult since I have smaller wrist and the watch is very large. It finally has the premium feel it should have for the cost of the LTE model, I bought the band for $15 on amazon and I cant help but wonder why Samsung wouldnt spend the extra few bucks to spring for a real quality band to include on a watch that cost you $400 is just crazy. The watch feels no like its worth the money and feels like an actual watch now as to opposed to the electronic strapped to your wrist with a rubber band like it felt before. Samsung pay doesnt seem to be effected at all by the metal either which was one worry I had when thinking about a metal band.

    I love this watch so much lol, I havnt pulled out my wallet once yet since I got the watch. Samsung pay is a great experience and its much more convenient getting notifications on my watch and not having to take out the phone. Im ending the night now with 30% battery life on the watch still (with always on watch face, LTE active at all times, brightness up, and long vibration set) & then about 40% on the Axon 7

  • jasonejasone TennesseePosts: 817 ✭✭✭

    I've thought a lot about buying the S3 myself but I've always been concerned about what Tizen supports and the high price. Samsung Pay makes it so tempting though. If you got the Frontier model I think it comes with a rubber band to be more "sport" like or rugged. I agree though if you're trying to make a premium watch the band should be as well. I love leather bands like the Moto and Huawei watches have.

  • runtohell121runtohell121 CaliforniaPosts: 1,909 ✭✭✭

    Samsung Pay is definitely the best mobile payment system out there so far, as it does work with most merchants. It was one of the reason that really tempted me to get the Gear S3 also, but in the end I still didn't buy it, mainly due to price and it wasn't really all that necessary to own a smartwatch still.

  • runtohell121runtohell121 CaliforniaPosts: 1,909 ✭✭✭

    Glad to hear that most features do work with the Axon 7, as I though some features were limited to Samsung phones only. Nice to see that Samsung finally opens up their smartwatch to more Android phones as opposed to being only on Samsung phones in the past.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Yea so far I havent run into any applications that havnt worked right on the G3 Frontier, and the Axon 7. Samsung spent alot of time making sure it would work with all android phones and they did a pretty good job, the only thing I am surprised about is they didnt figure out a way to get google maps notifications sent over to the watch. You can download a turn by turn app but it cost $2.99  [Edited]

    Here Maps works pretty decent and is free its just not very intuitive lol

  • jasonejasone TennesseePosts: 817 ✭✭✭

    I agree when I first read about Samsung buying Loop Pay I actually got really sad, because I knew they were going to restrict it to only their devices. I was like, why didn't Google buy this? It would have made Android Pay dominate the mobile payment scene. More phones and watches would have been released using the hardware required and it would be so widespread right now.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    So its been a month now since I got the Gear S3 and I gotta say I absolutely love this watch. I use ATT Go-phone service with it and signed up for the 25 cent a min plan since I only wanted it to make sure if my phone was left behind or something I would have a means of contact. I've only had to use the independent LTE service 1 time so far and it worked perfectly. Although the speaker isn't super loud its easy enough to hear someone and make a call. I was actually really surprised with how well the caller was able to hear me and vs versa. The app ecosystem is alot smaller than Android Wear but for me there is pretty much everything I could need. My thought on smartwatches is they should focus on feature sets that set it apart from a smartphone and not focus so much on trying to get everything from a smartphone into a watch. I love the notification system SO SO much better on the Gear S3 than Android wear. It was smart to have them come from the top rather than the bottom as it looks alot better. Personally I think the Gear series is far more ahead of the android wear platform. 


    SAMSUNG PAY  - This is the single best reason to get the watch

    Good battery life (I leave LTE on at all times, always on screen, 1 min screen timeout)

    Great design and fits even smaller arms well


    The included band (its so uncomfortable I almost returned the watch before getting a new band)

    The screen is very bright at night even on its lowest setting

  • Hi musicdjm and thread,

    I just got my Gear S3. I have it paired up to my Axon 7 running the latest Android 7.1.1 from ZTE (stock ROM and locked Bootloader).

    In installed Samsung Pay via the Gear app and when it tries to launch for setup, it's telling me that it can't run on Rooted devices. I know my phone isn't rooted and passes SafetyNet check.

    Anyone else having this issue or have encountered this issue? I'm not sure if it's due to the latest android version or some other issue. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    ​ thats so strange, I am on an unlocked boot-loader on my A7 and It doesnt give me any issues. Have you tried pressing and holding the back button on the watch and then loading pay on the watch then it should launch it on the phone for you.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    DAMM, ok so I just installed the update today and lost access now getting the same message. I backed up the old copy but it doesnt show up and

    version 1.3.1703 doesnt work

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Ok I found a copy of the apk - uninstalled the current version and then reinstalled the old and back to working.

    On the Axon go into the settings and go to apps then click samsung pay and then disable.

    Once you have deleted the app download the apk below and install and you should be able to get it working, just make sure you save the file and dont update samsung pay when it prompts you to

    Samsung Pay for Gear 1.2.5202 APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - APKMirror

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Make sure you have install from unknown source activated under the about gear tab in the Gear app

  • musicdjm,

    Thanks for the quick reply and for digging up that APK! I followed your instructions to a 'T' and was able to get it up and running on my Axon 7. I added a card and was able to validate everything. Guess it's time to go get a coffee and try it out. It looks like when you launch Samsung Pay from the watch, it forces the app update. I'm working to see if I can get around that.



  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    So I tried getting it to working on the Axon pro and same message on it was well. Gonna re-root later and see if I can find a work around that gets the new update working. I will definitely keep this post updated

  • I just tested it and was able to pay with my Gear S3 at the register. It apparently still works even though the software on the Axon 7 got updated and will no longer run due to the error. I think the key is, as you pointed out, to install that earlier Samsung Pay Gear version and get everything set up before the app updates.


  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    I unfortunately lost my cards testing to see if I could get the old apk on so now it wont let me load the old apk just says requires update and with new apk cant add card lol

  • man, that sucks. I assume you tried uninstalling Samsung Pay already and then reinstalling the old version. I was able to install the old version, delay the update, set up my SPay account and add a card and then checked that the SPay got loaded to the Gear S3. Note: as soon as I launched SPay on the Gear it forced the app update on the phone.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    got it working again, had to do a full reset on the watch, delete the data on samsung push, and gear plugin, then installed my back up of s pay then reinstalled gear app and samsung services and was able to add my cards again

  • Glad to hear you got it working again. Sorry for all the trouble, but thank you for your help!

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Np Im glad to help, Have you run into any more issues? I dont know if they fixed the update or pulled it but not having the issue anymore.

  • cricketjiminycricketjiminy LocationPosts: 24

    I can't get either of these to work:

    SAMSUNG PAY (Even works in stand alone mode and with an unlocked bootloader on the A7)

    Google Music connects right to the built in music controls on Gear

    What's the trick, especially of having the music app in the watch control audio apps in the phone? It was seemless in Samsung, but maybe there is something special in this that I forgot to do to enable it.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Nothing special set on the watch, the audio controls on the watch will work with Youtube,Google music, pandora, whatever you have open on the phone. The Audio control switches to the corresponding app on the watch itself. For Samsung pay what problem are you having ?

  • Hi, for audio control. the watch app is not sending any commands back through Bluetooth to the phone, so it can't control anything. But it can play music that is loaded in the watch.

    For Samsung Pay. it keeps stopping telling me that the phone has been rooted.

    But it never was.

  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    ​ please provide more information, What model # phone do you have ? Which app are you trying to use? Which watch do you have ? In order to try to help I need more information than its not working. I have 4 different ZTE model phones that have been tested and all confirmed to be functioning 100%

    The Samsung pay issues is an issues with every phone out there including the Galaxy line just type Samsung pay not working in google and the S7 the S8 they are all having the issues, its the samsung pay app. Please look at the direction I posted above for assistance getting it working , or a great resource is the XDA forum for the Gear S3.

    /home/leaving?target=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.xda-developers.com%2Fgear-s3" class="Popup

  • cricketjiminycricketjiminy LocationPosts: 24

    It's an Axon 7 US version. kept up to date with the latest updates.

    The apps I am trying to use are Samsung Pay, and the default Gear S2+ music app... connected to podcasts or Google Play Music.

    The watch and Pay and the music control worked perfect a few weeks ago on a Samsung S7 before I moved it over to the Axon 7. I've re installed a few times.

    Are you meaning to say that coincidental to my moving my watch and Pay from a Samsung to the Axon, Samsung updated the Pay all around the same time and caused major problems across platforms?

  • wrxmanwrxman Posts: 14

    The latest version of Samsung Pay is still screwed up in that it will tell you it requires a non-rooted phone even though your device is not rooted. I inadvertently updated Samsung Pay and it quit working. After uninstalling, I re-installed the version provided by musicdjm in his post above: Samsung Pay for Gear 1.2.5202 APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - APKMirror

    I then had to go back through setup and re-add my card. The moral of the story is that make sure you don't update Samsung Pay after you get it up and running.


  • musicdjmmusicdjm Worcester,MAPosts: 2,214 mod

    Im glad its still working for you ​, it worked for me to more than a dzn times now bouncing from device to device with no issues, even after the last hiccup in the post earlier when following the information on the web.

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