Does the warranty cover a bent volume rocker on the Axon 7?

I didn't expect that I will bent the volume rocker from use but I did.

*I called Support twice (great CS support FYI), the first one noted that it can be fix with no fee inquired but the second said it wasn't cover and I have to pay the $80 to repair it...

Has anyone else experience this? or know if this is something I can fix by myself?

*There's a tiny chip next to the metal frame near the volume rocker prior to the bent - I wonder if this degrade the integrity of the rocker...

File_001 - Copy.jpegFile_000 - Copy.jpeg


  • RochusRochus CanadaPosts: 1 ✭✭

    I know it has been a long time, but did you manage to fix it ?

    I have the exact same issue with my volume buton bent.

    Thank you.
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