Speaker Distortion Axon 7



  • PS: it seems to be coming from the 4th eq slider (going from left to right) whenever that goes up that's when it happens if I keep it down its fine but the voices are much clearer with it when at the higher volume. but at low volume when that slider is up that's when its fuzzy

  • Ok, so this isn't really a solution, but when I was listening to my voicemail again, I tried turning up the earpiece volume. And when I pressed up on the volume rocker, suddenly the fuzziness disappeared. And now everything sounds fine again, for now. Soooo, maybe it was just a small glitch? Haven't tried the other suggested solutions yet, cuz it sounds fine now and can't test it anymore.

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    edited October 27, 2020 6:15AM

    I have the Chinese A2017 model running Oreo & have just noticed this hissing sound which can be heard at lower volumes when I keep speakers close to my ear. I don't hear any hissing sound using headphones. I wonder if it's always been there or it's a hardware/software issue. I'm probably gonna hard reset the phone to see if it goes away. Anyone could fix it?

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    May not be the same issue, but I had to replace the speaker in mine to get rid of the distortion/fuzzyness.

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