Duplicate contacts with whatsapp numbers

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I have this annoying problem ever since I had this phone. Some of my contacts are duplicated (the merge duplicate contacts option does not show any duplicate at all). It duplicates contacts who are using whatsapp. I have attached a screenshot which shows a section oh my contacts P4phLpP.jpg

As you can see from the image, all but one contact in that section is duplicated. The first entry for the numbers contain the name and number but there is no whatsapp information in there (http://i.imgur.com/8G2lqZf.jpg). I cannot see the option to make a video or voice call or even message from whatsapp from the first entry. However, if I select the second entry for the same name, it shows the whatsapp info and allows me to whatsapp message, call or video call (http://i.imgur.com/ig3adRq.jpg ).

Lastly, you would notice from the first image attachment that there is one name that is not duplicated. That contact has all the whatsapp and facebook messenger option merged into one as it is supposed to be. Some of my contacts are properly merged but as I stated above, some of them have this annoying problem.

If I choose to not show whatsapp contacts in the settings then the problem disappears but now I can no longer make a whatsapp call, video call or message from the contacts app and I have to do it from whatsapp itself.

Does anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it or can give me a better contact manager app cause the stock app is not my style.

EDIT: The duplicates are also there for contacts with facebook messenger info.

EDIT: I'm using a workaround which is to download the Zen dialer and to merge the contacts individually. It's not pretty but it works.

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    I have the same issue, so I started deleting the duplicates. Now, my google contacts won't sync correctly. Some people who show up in my google account on my computer no longer show in my phone. If I have a text conversation with them, only the number shows up and no name associated with a contact. Some who show in my contacts on my phone and computer show as only numbers in whatsapp. It's driving me up the wall.

  • I have the same problem! Has anyone found a solution without having to do the Zen dialer option?

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