Backup possible with broken screen?

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So a snowboard fell on my phone and cracked the screen, rendering the screen useless. won't even light up. I can tell the phone is still on because the fingerprint reader still works and vibrates on bad fingerprints. My question is how do I back up my phone if the the screen is toast so I can transfer everything to my replacement Axon 7?


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    I guess it depends on if you have any internal damage. If it's just the screen that is damaged you may be OK.

    Have you tried connecting it to your PC ?

    If you have connected it before, the drivers are already loaded and you should be able to read the storage drive from windows Explorer.

    You can use an app like MY PHONE EXPLORER to back it up.

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    I love "My phone explorer", it's a great app - but you can't install-it or use-it if you have the screen damaged.

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    Duh, Sorry, I had a politician moment there. My brain went dead.

    You are right.

    I completely forgot you have to manually start the client app on the phone.

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    if you had USB debugging enabled in developer options - yes.  Otherwise, you might be able to plug it into a computer and get stuff though I don't know if it defaults to MTP or anything when plugged in.

    The other option is trying to boot into recovery and see if adb or MTP work via that mode.

    Also, if you can still possibly use touch or a wired input device you could probably blindly navigate to turn stuff on.  It may take you a few years to blindly memorize the screens to turn on debugging or MTP :/

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    LOL, you've made my day with "politician moment"!!!

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    I agree, that's why I said if he had connected to a PC previously, he may be able to get some stuff backed up.

    Getting divers and usb options set up without the screen would be difficult.

  • If the phone can be detected by computer, you can use a data transfer tool to transfer data from your phone to computer. I think it can be easier with an android file transfer tool, you can save a lot of time to transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files.

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    Unfortunately I  didn't  have USB  debugging  enabled. The phone was still working I could feel the vibration for the fingerprint reader.  I asked ZTE to repair the screen and return the phone to me with my data intact. No can do they said. You've lost your data forever they said. SOL they said. (they wipe your phone when they first receive it for service supposedly. I'd like to see someone  wipe an Axon 7 with a broken screen and USB debugging  not enabled) Replacement parts are not  readily  available like more popular smartphone brands. If I had a Samsung it would have been an easy fix. ZTE  lost this round..

  • Only you can switch on usb debugging with OTG (other method is ok), then it's backup possible with broken screen.

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