ZTE Axon 7 microphone software issue?

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I recently bought my first ZTE phone (The Axon 7) and have been very pleased with it thus far. However, I have come across a major issue with my phone. At first, it only happened sporadically, but now it is a permanent thing. My issue is the following: Whenever I call someone, they can NOT hear anything I say. However, recording things (Recorder app, WhatsApp Voice message, Smartphone analysis apps, you name it) the microphone works perfectly fine.

I have already spoken to a customer service employee, who said my issue is rathr unique and difficult to tackle, so I was hoping someone might have another approach that might work.

Another complication: I am from Germany and we are still on Android 6.0.1 and Software Version B11 (Model AX2017G ) (*sigh*), which the CS guy was shocked about.

The Employees recommendation was to use a 3rd Party phone app until Nougat reaches Germany, which I don't really consider a decent long-term solution. I am open to any ideas / suggestions.

Things I have already done:

Cleared the cache in Android recovery

Cleared stored data of the phone app

Turned off 'Ok Google' fuction

I would prefer to avoid a factory reset, but if that turns out to be the last resort - so be it.

I appreciated any help/suggestion

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  • i've had this phone for months and have had the same mic issues.   when people call me, ill pick up and say hello 5 times and they don't hear me.  if i switch to speaker they still can't hear me.  a phone reset fixes the mic but that shouldn't be necessary.  i use wechat voice over data calling a lot and i have to be right up close to the mic for them to hear me clearly.  they will often be like, hey, did you move? i can't hear you clearly to which then i have to readjust my positioning.  the really odd tihng is, and this has been consistent since i got this phone, if i try talking using my left hand and left ear to talk, they can almost never hear me clearly, so i have to switch back to my right hand.  updating to nougat seemed to help with this issue, but did not eliminate it completely.

  • Thanks for the response!

    I mean, I could probably use something similar, as well, but I find it quite annoying to do so, especially since my contract got free calls to all networks. I love this phone, but if this persists I will ahve to send it in or in the worst case replace it.

  • I am currently having the same issue. Now going through this thread to see if I can get some help

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    I m having the same issue the past month on a EU version a2017g axon, latest version 1.2.0.b05

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