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Hello All,

This is my first post. I recently purchased an Axon 7 2 weeks ago. So far I'm happy overall.  I bought the phone through Amazon.com and also purchased a warranty through Assurant 360 2 year protection plan with accidental coverage.  I did not know that ZTE had a 2 year warranty on the A7 at the time of purchase.

The Assurant 360 Plan which I  paid $87 offers the following:

  • $50 Dollar deductible will apply; Only available to US residents
  • Coverage includes spills, drops and cracks
  • Free 2-way shipping for repair and replacement.

I've always been careful with my phones and have never had an accident.

As a consensus, do you think I did the right thing?    Although I would like to root, I still have my Samsung S4 fully rooted, but lacks speed but still works very well.



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    The Axon 7's Passport 2.0 warranty is fairly good.

    What you need to know is that if you file a claim with ZTE they will ship you a refurbished phone as a replacement (not a new phone).

    You can choose to have your phone repaired but some have said it took a month or more and others reported it took weeks and still did not get back their original phone.

    Some folks here have reported that the replacement phones have had issues. They look like new phones but have had software bugs.

    Will the Assurant plan you purchased actually repair your phone? This may be a better option if you just crack a screen and need replacement especially if you have had no other issues with the phone..

    If they replace your damaged phone,  will it be a new phone or refurbished one?

    Once you know the answers you can determine if the extra insurance is worth it.

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