AXON A1 SIM issues + frequent crashes

Hello, I am the owner of a ZTE A1G121 for ~6 months and I am experiencing the following problems. These have been ongoing for a few months now. Please have a look and let me know if you think I should consider the RMA process.

1) Sim card becomes unrecognized and I lose all functions associated with it. I have tried using a different sim card and had the same problem. My current sim card works just fine in other phones. I am only able to fix this issue by repeatedly ejecting and reinserting the sim card tray or by restarting (up to 10x in a row) of the device.

2) Phone constantly locks up/freezes, requiring a restart. I am not sure if this is software or hardware related yet. I have used the phone with minimal apps running (just Google Chrome for browsing) and I still have this issue. My everyday keyboard app is SwiftKey but the issue persists with or without SwiftKey running. I have noticed the phone gets very hot during charging and it has frozen while it has been recharging before.

Are there any apps you would recommend that I could use to generate crash logs?

I appreciate the advice/comments. Thanks!

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