SMS - Can't Delete "WAP_PUSH_SI!"

So about an hour ago I got a message from Textra (my default texting app) telling me I couldn't get MMS messages, and to check my settings. Usually this means something is wrong with my T-Mobile connection. And for awhile, yes there was some connection issue. But once I got that fixed, I still kept getting the error message, despite being able to send and receive MMS.

I decided to check the native Messaging app on the Axon 7, and I noticed around that same time Textra was having issues, the Messaging app received a message titled "WAP_PUSH_SI!" Something that didn't get through Textra. Thinking it was a virus on some sort, I tried to delete it. But I can't....At least not the thread. The thread is empty, but it won't let me delete it completely.

Anyone else have this issue recently? I did a bit of research and didn't find much help. I've since disabled WAP messages in the native Messaging App, and messed around with Textra to get things right again. But it kinda worries me that I still can't delete that message thread...

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