Cool feature on Axon 7 mini THAT SHOULD BE ON THE AXON 7

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I have BOTH of these phones. Yes! I bought the mini for my girlfriend, because she liked my Axon 7. When I received it and booted it up, after the setup I noticed that there are no PHYSICAL NAV KEYS like what is on the Axon 7 (Home key, Back and Recents dots on the bottom of the phone's screen), YET on the Axon 7 mini, you SWIPE UP FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PHONE and BAM!!! There are the ON-SCREEN NAV KEYS that are MISSING on the Axon 7. WTF???

HOW COME THIS CAN'T BE ADDED TO THE AXON 7 SO THAT WE CAN HAVE ON-SCREEN NAV KEYS that LIGHT UP so that WE CAN SEE THEM IN THE DARK??? We already have had several software updates and to date, this features that is on the MINI is NOT on the Axon 7... NOT COOL!




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    While this is a matter of preference, I, like you prefer on screen navigation keys over capacitive buttons, especially if they don't light up in low light conditions.  Besides size, this was the reason I purchased a mini over a full size 7 for a family member.

    But there is a large following of users who love their A7's and the buttons which don't lite up  I'm just not one of them.  

  • It would be nice if they added this feature to its big brother. I kind of got used to not seeing the back button but sometimes it gets annoying.

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    Device manufacturers usually decide on this during the design phase as adding the buttons now would decrease useable screen real estate.  Some are ok with this, others not.  The buttons can still work, or be orphaned, but seasoned users would look at this and think "what happened here?".  Un-lit buttons are a turn off for me, but others say their fingers learn muscle memory and work perfectly well in the dark.   

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    Another AXON family, that is cool.  The original design of the Axon7 did have on screen keys.  This is the version that is available in China.  Before bringing the phone to the USA, they did a focus group and found that the vast majority of westerners like capacitive keys and not onscreen keys.  This is why the U and G versions of the A2017 model have the display that it does.  There have been many debates on this forum, and others, as to this choice. 

    My preference is to have the buttons as they are.  I don't need a light to use the buttons in the dark.  I rarely look at the buttons while using my phone in the light or dark.  I find that the position is right for my thumb to hit without looking. 

    From what I can tell, in my unscientific polling, this ZTE forum is split on the subject just about down the middle. half want capacitive keys that light up or not, the other half want on screen keys, and the other half want both.  Yes I know that is 3 halves, but it seems like there is half from both groups that want on screen and capacitive keys and possibly a root beer float.  

    There are utilities that can add on screen keys.  Do a quick search on this forum and you will find quite a few suggestions.

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    And there you have it...  @jabird101 has summed it up best.

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    jabird101, I have used some of these other options and I did not like ANY of them. The point here is, that the USER should have the choice/option of ON-SCREEN or PHYSICAL nav keys. This is the choice that I have been used to on every other Android phone that I have had and was able to root and install CyanogenMod software. Via CM, you have the CHOICE between on-screen and physical and also the option to THEME the nav keys.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Axon 7. But the TWO THINGS that disappoint me about this phone are: 1) The absence of on-screen nav keys (I prefer these) and 2) the lack of a shortcut to CAST the display.

    The way they designed the on-screen nav keys on the MINI is GENIUS. You swipe up from the bottom of the screen and they are there and you use the SMALL DOWN ARROW on the left of the nav key space to HIDE them. Genuis! THIS WAY you have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. You see them when you need to have them, and you hide them when you don't... with NO LOSS to SCREEN SIZE when the are hidden (shadowsports). As for losing the screen space while I would use them, the actual portion of the screen that would be lost for this would be minimal.

    If this phone (the Axon 7) was/is truly a device designed with US in mind, then this option should be provided, because CHOICE is what counts!

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    jabird101 wrote: There are utilities that can add on screen keys. Do a quick search on this forum and you will find quite a few suggestions.

    Yes there are and they work like the majority of Android apps (really crappy)

    Like I tell folks, if you find an Android app that works well, NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER UPDATE IT OR YOU WILL BE SORRY.

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    The OP3 gives you the option for this.

    I like choices .

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    This actually started with the OP1, which had CynogenMod (CM) installed (Now called Lineage). As OnePlus moved on from their partnership with CM and created/built their own Oxygen OS, a lot of the features that were in CM were incorporated into Oxygen.

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    I guess I'm just spoiled.

    The last few phones I have had were Samsung & LG.

    They both give you lots of options to customize and setup your phone the way YOU like it. Not the way THEY like it.

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    That's fairly ironic to hear about two of the manufacturers that have been about the heaviest skinners out there for a long time.

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    Some people like their OS and some don't.

    But they do give you many options to setup your phone how YOU want it.

    I like choices.

    ZTE doesn't

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    That feature is on the axon 7 but oddly only works when rooted... Lol

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    I agree, there should be an option in the settings to pick on-screen or the captive buttons. Hopefully they will give it to us in a future update.

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