Android Auto "&" Google Play Store related?

Hi all,

Since both of the above are spawned from Google, I'd bet the 2 issues above are surely related:

Many (or most) of us here are experiencing the weird/broken issue with the Google Play Store.

For me, it seems the Play Store issue started on Tuesday (3/28).

Also at that time, when driving home, I noticed that Android Auto lost all of its audio apps (Slacker, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music).

The "Maps" and "Phone" button/sections worked - just no Audio.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Android Auto and restarted my Axon 7 but still no Audio apps populated the Audio section.

So what seems to have worked was deleting all my audio apps on my A7 and then reinstalling them.

Now... I wonder if this is a "true" fix or how long this will temporarily last.


  • louisdlouisd Arguer in Chief United StatesPosts: 1,177 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't know about anyone else, AA never worked perfectly with my A7.  For instance, my call timers always read thousands of minutes.  Since moving to Lineage on my A7 Android Auto functions flawlessly.

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