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I have been using TracFone/AT&T on SIM 1 and today I activated TracFone/T-Mobile on SIM 2 to see if I can get WiFi calling on it.

The TracFone/T-Mobile APN codes installed automatically (Text APN to 611611).  SIM 2 is active, and I can make and receive calls on it.  But I can't find any setting that says "WiF Calling" -- not in "More" -- and a search in SETTINGS on "calling" or "WiFi Calling"  did not have any results.

Could it be an APN code needs to be added?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I have read on other posts that wifi calling is only available on sim 1. Also I believe you will need to register a e911 address to activate wifi calling.

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    Thanks.  Swapping SIMs was going to my next move.  I hope I don't have to redo my APN profiles.  Guess I better record the before I swap SIMs, so I can restore them.

    REGISTER e911

    How do I go about registering a e911?  Is the phone going to ask me, or is there somewhere I go?  To my knowledge, TracFone does that automatically.  I can call 911 from my phone

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    I'm not sure about your carrier, I use ultra mobile, it is a TMO mvno. I had to go to their website log in and find the wifi calling section.

    To enable the feature I needed to input an Street address for the e911. It was straight forward and simple. Hopefully it will be similar for your carrier.

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    I went to TracFone website and searched on "e911" - came up this link:

    That link took me to the WiFi Calling Registration Page, which is for TracFone, Net10, Straight Talk, Go Smart, Simple Mobile and TelCel (which I assume are all the cell phone companies owned by Carlos Slim.)

    Input required is:

    • cell phone number,
    • address (no PO Boxes), and
    • last 4 digits of SIM card

    WiFi Calling requires a SIM card that supports WIFi calling (T-Mobile, or T-Mobile MVNO, in SIM-1 slot), a cell phone that supports WiFi calling (Axon A7) -- and e911 registration..

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    Also found out TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk sell a "branded" phone ( Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Charm (A450TL) ) for $70 that has T-Mobile WiFi Calling. 

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    STATUS:  Enabling WiFi Calling on TracFone BYOP T-Mobile SIM in ZTE Axon 7

    Step 1:  Buy TracFone/T-Mobile SIM card (nano size).  Completed.

    Note: Apparently SIM is only available from TracFone direct at $1 + shipping (shipping fee can be waived).  Shipped FedEx, signature required.

    Step 2:  Insert TracFone/T-Mobile SIM in SIM-1 slot. Completed (WiFi Calling option displayed)

    Note:  WiFi Calling option will not show if SIM-2 slot used (I verified this).
    Note:  WiFi Calling option will show as disabled until e911 registration completed.

    Step 3:  Check WiFi Calling Capability.  Incomplete

    Note:  Check capability at
    Note: I am not sure how TracFone checks for capability, since the only info they supposedly have is on the SIM card, and nothing on the phone.  However they ID the phone itself, I suspect they check against a list of phones approved by T-Mobile, and that it does not do an actual check for capability.
    Note: I am currently stuck here. It is not something the TracFone call center customer service can help you with.  I will be calling TracFone headquarters Monday to see what can be done to add the Axon 7 to the approved list. TracFone headquarters is only open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday  -- tel. # (800)626-4883.

    Step 4:  e911 registration. Incomplete (not yet available)

    Note: Not Available until Step 3 completed.  If successful, the e911 registration screen will display

    Step 5:  Enable WiFi Calling in Settings. Incomplete (not yet available)

    Note: Not Available until Step 4 completed

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    STATUS UPDATE: Enabling WiFi Calling on TracFone BYOP T-Mobile SIM in ZTE Axon 7

    I am back at step 1 getting a new SIM card from TracFone -- Turns out that the T-Mobile SIM you buy online from TracFone is not WiFi Capable, and so I will be getting a new SIM, maybe arriving next Monday, from TracFone that has WiFi-Calling enabled.

    Stay tuned

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    New SIM card from TracFone did not help, TracFone customer service manually input e911,  Phone now reports TracFone/T-Mobile SIM as 'unrecognizable.'

    I give up.  

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    Just a thought, but in settings under dual SIM if you go to network mode is there more than one listed? I have 3 to choose from. 2 of them are associated with T-Mobile, the 3rd choice I have is for ultra. In my case I need Ultra. My phone will work on the T-Mobile setting sometimes, but not well. When I got my A7 I did an auto set up which put the phone on T-Mobile. The phone would work and then it wouldn't. I had to enter all the apn info then all was good. So you may want to check the apn info. Track phone should be able to give that to you on the phone. It might also be available on their website. Good luck.

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