Axon 7 boot loop

my axon 7 has stock firmware, and it suddenly went into a boot loop. nothing I do is stopping it. What can I do to get this fixed?


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    ​ Good Evening, and Welcome to Z-Community. I would suggest you try clearing system cache and if that doesn't work you can move on to a factory reset. To clear cache, press and hold Volume up and Power button together, until you see the axon logo, and then release the power button and a menu will appear. Select clear system cache, and then reboot. Hopefully this will pull it out of the loop. If not you can try a factory restore( can be found on same menu), however this does in fact erase all data on the device. Should you have further concerns or questions please let me know.

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    If what suggested doesn't help with your bootloop issue, I suggest follow this guide and reinstall the software.

    Any questions about the guide just let us know.

  • Sorry to hear that. This also happened to my wife's Axon 7. I followed all of the suggestions, but in the end I did a factory reset (from the reboot menu via volume up and power). This fixed the problem for us, and it's been fine since then even on 7.1.1

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    Hi drakenfx I do not know how it happened but my a2017u was with twrp and bootloop. I had a custom rom and suddenly it started with android recovery. (It is possible that it happened) I installed a rom of factory B19. Continued in bootloop. I installed the B15 rom and it's still in the loop. please help me

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    Did you check under Mount " Mount System as Read-only" in TERP before flashing anything?

    If you still have access to TWRP , Do that. I'm the bootloop happens cuz you didn't check Mount System as Read-only or didn't flash dm-verity or SuperSu.

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    Hello friends I'm trying to get my axon 7 us days back to android without success. In the TWRP it tries to pass the rom but it enters in turn in EDL. In adb sideload the same thing turns off and goes into EDL. I followed the edl emergency guide but on the nougat b19 flash successfully. But it goes into bootloop. What can be done to get it back to android? Thanks and help me

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    Yes, these two are common solutions. In addition, there is also the use of Clockwork Mod, I suggest you give it a try, maybe solve the Axon 7 boot loop error.

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