Axon Pro - 2015 Flagship Killer

Does anyone have a great story to tell regarding their Axon Pro A1P?

My story is that since March 2016 (when I got mine from Amazon for $325) is the amazing experience I've had with the installed O.S. It's so nice to be able to do Wifi calling on T-mobile. Running Android 6.01 (not just 6.0 like a lot of phones) is so much nicer than Lollipop. Up until now, I could not get Nova Launcher Prime to work on my previous phone, but the Axon Pro handles easily, making my experience so delightful.

Basically, The Axon Pro really makes having a smartphone delightful, not a PIA, like other phone makers.

I highly recommend to anyone the ZTE brand, for quality and warranty.


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