Grand X Max 2 Known Issues List

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Good Afternoon All,

I am new to the ZTE community and wanted to start a known issues thread so the developers know what to focus on first when developing updates for the phone!

1. Random Restarts

Grand X Max 2 randomly shuts down or restarts while the phone is on.

2. Music Skipping

When using a vehicle's onboard Bluetooth entertainment system, such as the Infotainment system found in 2016 Buick Encore, the device will skip while playing music. 



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    I posted about an issue earlier this week about the auto rotate feature sometimes not responding. The work around for that is to drop the notification pane out and click "auto rotate" to turn it off then click it again. This usually fixes the issue.

  • Yeah i have the auto rotate issue as well but the gyroscope sensor and accelerometer also don't work once auto rotate stops. The sensors seem to turn off then turn back on after awhile. Very annoying cause apps I use rely on these sensors to be working at all times.

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    I have also experienced this auto rotation problem out of the box.  However switching auto rotate off and then back on does not normally fix the problem for me, sometimes it does but rarely. Most often I find that if I manually lock and then unlock my phone that it fixes the problem but again this does not always seem to work. I hope this is a software issue and not a hardware malfunction of sorts.

  • Yeah I hope its a software issue too. I doubt it would be hardware just because the fact the sensors actually work but just turn off. Really annoyed by this issue but I hope this is fixable with a system update.

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    I've made sure we passed along this feedback. If you experiencing any other issues with the device, please reach out.

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    I have been noticing the same problem with the auto rotate right out of the box. I have had the device for about 3 days now and I have also noticed that my bluetooth speaker skips a lot when I have it paired with this phone. I have also noticed things like settings not being saved. I set the display to turn off after 30 seconds and then a couple hours later I will notice my display still on and when I check the settings it will be set to turn off after 10 minutes. I just upgraded from the ZTE Grand X Max Plus and I loved that phone. This is just a lot of issues right out of the box.

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    1.) system overloads and it restarts

    2.)Dolby Sound when on makes speakers sound like they are blown. I've tried it on bluetooth, aux cable and on device speakers.  Ive tried different apps, songs and volume levels,  all soy ds like crap.

    3.)Ram is always running low. I have forced stopped, removed and blocked apps. Its systems and utilities that uses it all up.

    4.)Constantly calling people on its own. At first I thought I was butt dialing a lot. Lately I've seen it call some one while its sitting in the chair next to me.

    5.) Horrible touch response.  Consistently innaccurate and slugish.

    6.) Blue tooth issues galore.  From dropped to skipping to not finding devices.

    This is by far the worst zte phone i have ever owned, and Ive owned alot. I used to sound like a zte spokes person because I always bragged about and recommended their phones. Not anymore. This is the biggest piece of *@$! phone ive used. A big screen is pointless if the phone is useless. Im going to break mine so I can use my insurance to by a different one. Shame on you for releasing such a sorry phone!

  • I got email service for mine from Zte because of horrible Bluetooth skipping, burned up a memory card and random restarts.  Was sent back a different phone,  possibly new,  and thank God the Bluetooth is fine.  the auto rotate is horrible though,  sometimes even the toggle doesn't help,  need to reboot to fix it.  Also the Wi-Fi will drop,  then act like the hot-spot doesn't have internet,  usually can fix by going into airplane mode than back.  Lastly I have these lines that run from top to bottom of screen that can't be seen until the screen gets oily.  Not sure if it's something on, in OR behind the screen but it can be annoying at dinner brightness. Kind of fed up,  if I don't see an update at least soon I'll probably ditch the max for a op3 or Nexus 6p.

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    **** Id like to add more issues to my previous post.***

    7) The phone app, the one required to use the phphone, crashes when calls come in.

    8) The stock text now crashes every time and is not usable

    9) Phone sound quality is so poor i must use a head set or bluetooth in order to understand and to be understood. The call quality is still poor.

    10) Stock camera crashes with in 6 seconds of use

    According to the votes that were cast, no one likes their Grand X Max 2. The fact that zte has not responded or realeased an update, shows that zte doesn't care.

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    I figure they put all their resouces in to the 7. Thats why this phone seems abandoned. I wish they would respond to some of these posts but as you can see they have done nothing inresponse to these posts.

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    Thats odd ive seen this exact post before today.

  • Do you work for zte?

  • thats what I figured too,  that their focused on their flagship since that will net them more money. I know all phones have something wrong with a few units on release but the problems are so different and wide spread seems like no testing was done.

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    My thoughts exactly.

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    Which is sad because this phone had potential. Beside the fact they put only 2 gigs or ram, which is barely enough to run the os.

  • There is slot to like,  I do YouTube reviews and I keep having to go back and change my reviews cause I never know what's next with this phone lol. I'll give it this,  even though it's only 2 gigs of ram I think it performs a bit better then the huawei honor 5x.  But instead of being content,  I'm super anxious to find something else.

  • Signal on this phone compared to iPhone is abismal. I am used to getting 4 bars of signal in my house now I get one or none. Also the auto rotate stops working at random and you have to toggle the auto rotate slider icon to get it to work again. Facebook chat heads freeze.  Bluetooth has a range of 2 ft or less.  Considering switching back to zmax 2.

  • I know this list is a bit old, but I thought id add some more quirks. When using Facebook messenger, the chat heads wont open when clicked. Also in Pokemon Go, if you use the battery saver option that darkens the screen, most of the time it freezes the game. Im thinking it has something to do with ZTEs software since I dont have these issues on my Nexus devices.

  • I honestly switched back to my zte grand x max plus. I regret buying the grand x max 2.

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    Lets see how long we can make this list. Not  that zte  either cares, listens, responds or does anything about it,  but I feel but I still entitled to get my money's worth out of this paper weight somehow. so if I have to piss and moan,   to accomplish this so be it

    11) Will commonly change to the second language, instead of the primary, mostly after rebooting but not limited to.

    12)  It will also change keyboards, I have not found a pattern.

    13)  This one came about during writing this reply: extremely slow to respond while writing, will scroll to the top making writing difficult and  when using when using voice to text it tends to duplicate what you were saying. LOL there's your example.

  • frodriguez2010frodriguez2010 Enterprise Tech Support Engineer TexasPosts: 1,904 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Ok have to report that no real issues seen on my part.  Except for some messages and posts not coming through on Facebook.  Not sure if its a Facebook problem and already sent feedback.  Also, when I delete a message (email) it doesn't get deleted.  I have set up email via GMail app only but stock email app also has the darn message too. 

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    Hey , I hear your frustrations. I'm going to put together an email now and get some answers.

    The Grand X Max 2 deserves as much love as any other device.

    I'm on the case.

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    Here's how I figure it:  It is obvious that it is obvious that ZTE has no intentions fixing this phone. I believe you have abandoned it to put all your resources into your new flagship. that decision has left me with a phone that was never nor will be a finished product. I have decided that when you made that choice,  reallocated my money to another phone that I do not own, made me an investor not a customer. that was solidified by your negligence to fix the phone or two communicate with your customers.

    ZTE: you are welcome for the loan.... investment.  I expect to see my dividends inthe form of what my money did. My address is1646 Post Road, San Marcos TX 78666.  I will be checking I will be checking my mail for the new 7 once it's released upon which I will mail you this paper weight back.8

  • Is there going to be an update soon to fix the problems? I have also discovered that the Bluetooth seems to have a range of 2 ft which is unacceptable.  The lte signal on this device is crap compared to other phones in same house on same network. The auto rotate freezes up still.  Chat heads in facebook messenger don't always work.  I have had zmax then zmax 2 then grand x max 2 and this device is the worst of the three. If zte is not going to update soon then will be buying another phone just not a zte branded phone. Also stop putting bloatware on your devices Jesus can't delete without rooting the damn phone. 

  •[email protected] San Marcos TxPosts: 16

    Any kind of response would be an improvement, even "Go [MODERATED] yourself". I appreciate the time and energy that you will spend on this and I hope it will be fruitful.

  • Is there anyway to get a replacement device? I can no longer live with no usable LTE signal. Gonna have to power up my zmax 2 or something.

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