Grand X Max 2 Known Issues List



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    I wouldn't I wouldn't hold my breath on an update. Since this phone's release most of these problems have been known and I have seen no action whatsoever from zte. I'm debating on drawing Elementary School style pictures of their moms  just to see if they have even one person assigned to customer feedback. If that doesn't work I'm going to go to Kick-Start for a plane ticket to go fart in their cubicles  and to return this paperweight personally . That is if there are any humans at their desks doing their jobs.

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    Also, I know updates are contingent on the carrier.  In my case Cricket. 

    I have commented to them via their social Cricket site and straight up tech support/ customer service.  I have not received any responses.

    Yet do have to say if its anything more I get quick responses.

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    Your device does fall within its one-year manufacturer warranty.

    I would get ahold of customer service: 877-817-1759

    They will be available at 8AM CT

  • Had another issue today.  Got a call through my ford sync Bluetooth system,  was unable to answer it with my steering wheel controls so I had to use the on screen answer button. Apparently I could be heard but all I got was static and they kept breaking up rapid fire.  Music and GPS work fine on this replacement  so I have no idea,  just another glitch for the. List.

  • Only one speaker, right one,  works.  I have had this phone for 3 hours.  These posts are alarming.  If zte doesn't post any kind of resolution(s) I will return this phone and communicate my experience on every social media network that I can.  ZTE grand x max 2 suX... I actually like this phone a lot,  but its bugs are a very big problem.

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    The Grand X Max 2 only has one speaker by design. A microphone is housed in the other slot that looks identical to the speaker grill for uniformity.

  • I agree, the phone had potential. They just didnt finish it. I bought it three days after after its release and still no update.

  • Someone had mentioned earlier that it was up to the carrier to release

    updates, not the manufacturer. But in this case ZTE and Cricket are both

    subsidiaries of AT&T so no matter how you you want to spin it the ball was

    in their court, and they went fishing.

  • I was told by the regional manager of cricket that AT&T had acquired ZTE

    when they bought cricket. Following Google's lead when Google bought

    Motorola. But it wouldn't surprise me if he had his facts wrong. but on the

    other hand AT&T you might have had reasons for not making it well known.

  • I am slow. OK. One speaker. My last phone was an Alcatel. Idol 3. One

    of the coolest features was it's stereo sound. Speakers were placed

    outward on both ends of the phone. When a company uses Dolby as a feature

    I assume stereo audio at the least. I will slap my own hand now.

    Anyways, I cracked the screen slightly and everything went to sh1t. Idol 3

    is fragile.

    Have updates helped these problems (xx) or should I do thorough tests

    before first 7 days?

  • I apologize, you are correct sir. I should have done my research, instead

    of trusting the word of an individual, before repeating it.

  • My days off are Sunday Monday. I take baths on Tuesday's.

    What percentage of phones have these problems? Are some better than others?

    ZTE grand x Max 2

  • But seriously. I broke my idol3, which I liked but it's screen is too

    fragile. Is there a better phone in that price range? I got the max x2, but

    I notice audio video sync issues and the camera is super disappointing.

    All of the bugs make me nervous and ZTE doesn't seem to address it

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