Grand X 4 just randomly shuts down.

I got my GX4 in February. The day after I got it,  it just randomly shut down.  Home button flashing, screen will not come on, will not manually restart.  After about 5 mins,  it started back up.  All was good for another month or so..  Then I needed my shopping list in Walmart (I use Keep), and wouldn't you know, phone does it again.  Most recently, while at work,  I picked it up to get directions for a customer, and it was just off too.  I don't know why, any help?

Also,  first time I had no apps running and believe I was trying to use calculator. I always wipe my apps after use so they aren't in background.


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    Is the device charging correctly?  Did you install any particular apps that might be auto starting again in the background killing your battery?  This device is supported through Cricket, and if you think the device they gave you if defective, you can always reach out to their support team to try to get a replacement.

  • It does charge correctly. I have the same apps on this phone that I had on my LG Stylo,  with the addition of 2 games,  my fuel rewards app,  and my car insurance app.  The only reason I didn't have those( on the stylo)  was because of space.  The battery is never less than 50% when this happens and I have no issues with the battery.

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    OK, somebody on here may have a Grand X 4 and be able to assist, but since this is a carrier specific device, I would encourage you to really reach out to their support team on getting a possible replacement.  If it's happening at random times, there must be either something defective, or something specific going on with an app/tasks that is running at those times the issue happens.

  • I'm hoping not to have to get a replacement, but if that's what happens, so be it.  It's just a pain and I really don't have the time right now.  However I will check with them. Thank you for your help.

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