What to do after you setup your watch

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After you get your watch paired and all setup here are some helpful tips to get you started with enjoying your new device.


Play phone audio on watch: If you want to answer calls on your watch this is a setting you must enable. Open Settings, Connectivity, Bluetooth, then toggle Play phone audio on watch. Bluetooth will turn off for a few seconds and then back on, this is perfectly normal.

Wi-Fi: This isn't really essential if you're always in range of your phone but can be helpful if you're out of range and still on your Wi-Fi network and want to save data. Open Settings, Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Add network and choose your network. It will ask you to enter your password on your phone after this and then connect automatically when you lose Bluetooth connection.

Gestures: Wrist gestures help you navigate through your watch without touching it. For example you can flick your wrist to scroll through notifications. To enable this go into Settings, Gestures, and toggle on the switch. There is a tutorial in there you can run through to learn and practice all the gestures.

Ok Google detection: If you want to use Assistant without long pressing the crown you'll want to turn this on. Open Settings, Personalization, and toggle on "Ok Google" detection. Now when you're on the watch face you can summon up Assistant by saying Ok Google.

Screen lock: This will add a pattern, PIN, or password to your watch to secure it when you've removed it so no one can access your notifications or use your watch. Open Settings, Personalization, Screen lock, and set it up from there.

Apps and Watch faces

First you'll probably want to navigate to the Play Store on the watch by opening the app drawer with the crown and scrolling down to it. Android Wear 2.0 no longer automatically syncs apps from your phone with your watch. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Play Store you'll find the watch companion apps for apps that are already on your phone. Here you can choose which ones you'd like to install on your watch. Such as Google Play Music and then you can open and listen to music on your watch without your phone.

After that you can browse, search, and install apps on the watch itself. However, I find it easier to browse them on a computer and install onto my watch. Follow this link to find the Android Wear section on the Play Store. Here you can find apps made for your watch and new watch faces to change up the style

Android Wear - Android Apps on Google Play


The band that comes with your watch might not be your style and that's ok because it's easily replaceable. These use the standard 22mm watch band and can be swapped out at any time. Try checking Amazon for 22mm watch bands and find something that suits you.

22mm watch bands

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