Zmax Pro T-Mobile Bluetooth connection in Toyota Entunes

So I picked up a new ZTE Zmax Pro. And it doesn't advance songs via switch on steering wheel. In fact I have no song info, volume control,  or album picture like I did on my other devices paired with the RAV4 EV. Prior phones are LG G3, Galaxy S6, and LG K7.

The K7 is a backup phone and runs the same Bluetooth v4.1 with ADP2 as the new phone. I didn't look the others up because one crashed and the other I returned because of lack of Wi-Fi calling (I live in remote area and need it).

The phone pairs and I can speak but all controls calling or music player controls need to be done through the handset. Anyone else have this issue?

My software version for Navigation is VB503150 and Bluetooth 21.210. Sent a note to Entunes support to find out if either has an update I may need. According to Entunes compatibility all features are supposed to work.

Has anyone else ran into issues with Bluetooth and car navigation systems? I wasn't sure if it is the player phone software or hardware. It is running Android 6.01 instead of 5 like the LG K7 but I assume the music player is the same stock Android player just re-skinned. I've ran through all settings in both the car and phone and can't seem to find anyway to correct this. The reason I picked it up was because of price and it said it was compatible with my vehicle. What's the point of hands free if you need to makes the changes directly on the phone?


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    Try Poweramp​ and see if that solves your problem...

  • Interesting, what year Rav 4 do you have and what version of the entune system do you have (Navi with Premium audio, premium audio, or just plain ole entune)?

    I have a 2014 Toyota Sequioa with the navigation / premium audio entune system and have been trying to find a phone that works with consistently. I have found that samsung and BLU phones are successful paring and maintaining the connections with proper controls function and good sound quality where as my nexus 5x and the Moto Z play do not. More specifically the Nexus 5X will randomly not pair, and occasionally when it does pair I loose all steering wheel functionality as well.

    In truth, all I can recomend to fix the issue is to search for a phone that is on the compatibility list for the toyota entune. Google "2017 Entune Phone compatibility List" and that should get you what is available. I am hoping the A7 won't have these issues when I get it tonight, but we shall see.......

  • Ok so I took a look at the list of the compatible phones for the Toyota Entune in the Rav 4, it does appear in MOST of the lists. Based on the year, and the level of audio system you have it may be a compatible phone you would be best to do your own search.

    If the phone is considered compatible with the Entune system and the problems persist, try performing a Network Reset on the phone. This will cause you to have to re-pair the device to the entune system. If that doesn't work perform a second Network Rest on the phone, the perform a Reset preferences to Default (again google search this each car is different) and try the connection again. Resetting the entune system will delete all your personal settings so be aware of that before you do it. If none of these options work, the phone may be to blame with faulty hardware, I would trade it in and see if a second one works any better.

  • So not sure what has happened. I have yet to check setting in Entunes but phone is now working with headunit. The last couple days it has been connecting and playing automatically in the car. Switches on steering wheel work. Now displays track and artist info. Random and Repeat buttons do not work but if I set shuffle play on playlist tracks are played randomly.

    I did send a tech support request to Entunes and I received a couple calls but not info one way or another that it would work. I will check Bluetooth and headunit versions to see if it updated wirelessly or through the Entunes app. 

  • Ok back to not working after b20 update. Got the popup on T-Mobile and the phone is back to not working with Entunes. I did check Bluetooth version in car and headunit and nothing was updated. Any way to roll back the b20 update?

    Also other errors; text notifications are no longer showing on messenger icon. They do show in drop down window at top of phone. Call quality has been terrible. Phone is on vibrate but still plays audible ringtone instead of vibrate. Bluetooth is turned off upon reboots. 

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    The only way I was allowed to go back to the first b08 version was to ask my carrier for a replacement phone. Since this is my 4th ZTE zmax pro phone I have taken everyone's opinion of not updating my phone. So far no issues that I did have with the b20 update

  • Well car is now controlling phone with steering wheel controls. Entunes version was not updated and I didn't see and new updates come through the car but its working. 

  • I had a similar issue I went into Bluetooth settings and had to check additional permissions to get info in my Toyota corolla 2015 some songs are a little messed up with timing but I'm able to skip songs but can't rewind or fast ward and it doesn't display battery life but I can get messages so it's decently solid

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