Has the Axon 7 been delayed indefinitely? ;-)



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    I hate the person you choose to be lol

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    i dont like spending no than 200 for a phone. So i would pick lg stylo 2plus. thinking last 3 phones were lg and held up well.

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    Seems like it pretty much will be HTC this year specs are already releasing for "Sailfish" nothing yet on "Marlin"

  • So how much did it get delayed?

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    I died a little when I read the title. xD

  • Saw this on pocketnow.com.  Not sure how this will impact the US Axon 7 shipments.  Maybe this is the reason why we haven't heard anything.  Tried posting it as a topic but the moderator thought that this actual news would be better suited to go in this thread that started as a joke.

    After crossing the Commerce Department’s sanctions against Iran, ZTE is continuing to cooperate with the government’s investigation. As such, the department has extended a reprievethat allows for the manufacturer to continue to source parts and software from the US. The reprieve that was supposed to end on Thursday will now end on August 30.

    ZTE Chairman Zhao Xianming said in a statement that the company can continue to benefit from its “relationships with hundreds of American companies and our continued investment in the U.S.” Those companies make up about 43 percent of ZTE’s business with vendors. Analysts say an exports restriction would be the strictest of its kind.

    It’s not clear when the Commerce Department will complete its investigation. Perhaps there’s a large enough window for ZTE to start shipping over itsAxon 7 to the US.

    Source: Reuters, Wall Street Journal

    ZTE cooperating with Commerce Department as exports reprieve is extended | Pocketnow

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    Thanks for the update, ​!  Not sure what it means either, or whether it plays a role in the Axon 7.  All it mentions is exports, and nothing of imports to the US.

  • 100% thread fail

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    Press Release on June 28, 2016

    (More Clarity on the issue if needed.)


    Quoted from the article:

    "This extended interim relief will enable ZTE to continue serving its customers, partners and suppliers in the U.S. as it works with authorities to enhance its compliance program and reach a permanent resolution.  ZTE is fully committed to complying with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which it operates. We look forward to maintaining our relationships with hundreds of American companies and our continued investment in the U.S. and the global technology economy."

    No worries for us here in the states bud.

  • Def click bait. But id go for the new nexus device or the non nexus  google phone rumored to be coming out

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    I would buy the Nokia 3210

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    Definitely a great year for cell phones!  Let's great flagships and high spec.  Midrangers as well!

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    I agree, as geeks we are quite spoiled this year

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    I got my geek on this year,  that's for sure ;)

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    lol we are all here so i think it's safe to say we all have our geek on

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    True....very true lol

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