ZTE and Tizen

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Is it possible for ZTE to have a relationship with Samsung to produce a watch with Tizen OS? I wanted to get the Quartz but I'm just not a fan of Android Wear.


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    I highly doubt it. Though Tizen is open source so there is always a possibility. However, with the report of Tizen's code filled with security flaws, I am prefer that ZTE won't be using that until the OS is much more secure.

    I don't think that the issue is with Tizen vs Android Wear. Rather, it's google's implementation of Android Wear vs Samsung's implementation. While using Tizen, Samsung Gear is really Samsung's own flavor of what smartwatch is (much like Samsung's touchwiz on phones). Google has limited the amount of customization with Android wear 2.0 and despite the fact it is much improved, it still leaves room to improve. I think much like the phone, we probably going need one more update to really make the wear as a mature OS that offers intuitive interface and functional.

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    The funny thing is I've spent the last 3 weeks reviewing the Gear S3 Frontier and my biggest complaint about it is I don't like Tizen and I wish it was Android Wear 2.0 haha. I'm actually so happy to be back on Android Wear 2.0 now. I didn't like the UI or UX of Tizen at all, but I admit they had some nice extra features. I missed Assistant on my watch so much though. Now I can control my smart home right from my wrist and without getting out my phone. I don't think ZTE will make a Tizen watch and I'm very grateful for that.

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    Androidwear is still too unstable imo. You said you're grateful that ZTE does not have a Tizen verison but if they did would you hate ZTE?

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    Haha that's just silly, why would I hate them if they had a Tizen watch? Doesn't make any sense dude. I'm still grateful they went with Android Wear because the usability is better, it has more app support, and I can use Assistant to control my smart home. The only thing that made Tizen bearable on the S3 Frontier was Samsung Pay with MST. If only Google had bought that instead of Samsung.

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    I know where your coming from ​ I have given Android wear a chance twice now but agree that Samsung as gotten the furthest with development of Tizen on there watches, however some graphics look a bit tired and outdated. I like the overall UI though and the notification handling much better than Android wear. however I would prefer to have complete Google integration so I would be cool to see another OEM try out Tizen and use Googles APIs to tie the best of both worlds together

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    You see I don't like the graphics or the way they handle notifications. I find it way more clumsy and cluttered than Android Wear is. S-Voice is also basically useless outside of a couple simple functions. Tizen as a whole is pretty bad in my opinion.

    The only saving grace is that Samsung makes beautiful hardware and MST payments are awesome. That helps me overlook how bad of an experience Tizen offers. If it came in an uglier package and had no MST payments I'd see no reason to ever use Tizen.

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