Is Axon 7 available for purchase online

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I want to know whether Axon & is available for purchase online worldwide. If not when it will be available. Kindly reply

Thanking you all



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    To answer your question specifically, the Axon 7 hasn't given the US region any information on a release. But, it seems like ZTE France and Spain will be releasing the Axon 7 in 5 more days pertaining to their recent tweets on their tweeter account. The Axon 7 has already been released in the China market already for about 4 weeks now. So hopefully sooner than later there will be more information on a release in a region designated in your area. I can't wait and I surely know a lot of us in the community can't wait. Maybe we can be expecting something on June 28th. (Take that with a grain of salt ... Not 100% sure.)

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    ZTE USA on Twitter: "It's coming. #myAxon #IndependenceDay"

    ZTE Spain

    ZTE España (@ZTE_es) | Twitter

    As for some of the post on these tweeter accounts I am guessing the D-5 indicates on how many days left till the big announcement.

    Update: June 24, 2016 5:00PM ET ZTE USA Tweet of a July 4th release of Axon 7.

    Update: June 24, 2016 6:51PM ET - Looks like ZTE USA has deleted the post from their tweeter account. Might have been a mistake who knows. So the link above won't send you directly to the post anymore.

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    It is currently only available in China.

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    Only the Chinese model is available for purchase via in China or through 3rd party resellers.

    For US and International model, there is no exact word on release date yet.

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    these third party sellers worry me when they say they can uninstall bloatware for you or add services, I don't want anyone touching ma new phone!

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