[Android Tips] How to setup Multiple User Account on your Axon Pro

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1. With the phone is unlocked swipe from the top of the screen (from the notification shade)

2. Press the image to the left of the gear icon , (this image my show your gmail avatar or a blue outline of a person) {See image 1}


3. One you click the person icon it will pull up your options for adding or switching through different user profiles on your phone {See image 2}


4. Click the + sign to add an additional profile on the phone, it will then ask you to verify that you want to add a new user. {See image 3}


5. Click ok to add the new user you will then see a screen saying it is switching to the new user


6. Once it has switched to the newly created user account you will see a screen saying Set up a New User


7. Click continue and then click next

8. Now it will ask you to select a Wifi network to use, [Log into your wifi network or click skip] once you are logged in click next


9. It will now say checking connection (this may take upto 2 minutes)

10. Now it will ask to Add you Account (GOOGLE/GMAIL) once you have logged in it will ask you to click accept for the terms and conditions

11. It will then say Checking info ---- Click Next --- It will then ask you to set up a payment method (either add one or click No thanks)

12. It will now say one sec..

13. It will now ask you if you want to add any other emails, if not click no thanks and then next

After completing this question it will bring you to the new home screen

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