[Android Tips] Save Battery with Optimization on Marshmallow.

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Android Marshmallow came with a lot of new features, including battery optimization via the app standby mode. This feature allows the apps to sleep so they cannot use other resources on you phone or device.  I can say this feature works very well. I can actually see the difference from the increased in battery life from Lolipop to Marshmallow is amazing.

On the other hand, there may be times you don't want a certain app ( such as an email or messaging app) that you don't want the Android OS to place into sleep mode. The reason for this because you don't want the app to put in standby mode will vary, but most likely you want the app to continuously receive data and not have  to wait until it is out of standby mode.

Now removing a certain app from standby mode is easy:

By default all apps but one (maybe some cases, two) will be on the app standby mode list.  The app that is 100% is certainly on the list is  Google Play services, because you cannot add it to the list. You also may see the Carrier Provisioning Services, which cannot be added to standby mode (Image 1).

Image 1


The default listing of the app standby  on a Oneplus 2 (Unlocked).

To see all the apps on the list, go to Settings > Battery, then tap the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper-right corner), top Battery Optimization drop-down, and select All Apps. To remove an app from  this list, follow these fairly easy steps. (Depending the app you remove from the standby list, your battery could take a hit.)

  1. Locate the app you want to remove from the standby mode.
  2. Tap the app in question
  3. From the popup,(Image 2) tap to select Don't Optimize
  4. Tap Done.

Image 2


Removing Messenger from the app standby mode than adding it to the standby mode list.

If you run across a certain app that is causing you battery to drain too fast, you can  always add it back to the app standby mode list.

Here's How:

  1. Go to the Settings Menu > Battery
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots in top right-hand corner
  3. Tap Battery Optimization
  4. Locate and tap the app you want to add back to the list
  5. Tap Optimize
  6. Tap DONE

See that was a piece of cake.

Now your app is back on the list and will be placed on standby. You should see your battery return back to its normal state.

Standby Mode WORKS!

So give thanks to the Android developers that have done a great job on extending battery life with the standby mode feature. But not all apps are created equal, you may have one or two apps that don't need to wind up on standby. For those apps you now know what to do. Have fun with that long lasting battery of yours!

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    nice article, I seen something similar before.

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    Quite helpful, thank you.

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    Appreciated the love and support thanks!

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    You're quite welcome. This also helps as a section for helpful advice here would be good to have. I'll suggest it to the staff and see what they say about it.

  • When I go to the Battery Optimization and select All, as soon as I leave that screen and go directly back into it, it's right back to none of them being in Optimization mode. It doesn't save my All selection.

    My battery drains quickly every time I use the phone. It seems to use 1% for about 5 mins of use.

    How can I keep the All Optimization setting?

    What else can I do to keep the battery from draining so quickly?

  • Good, Thanks for tips.


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