Axon 7 mini has erratic music playback?

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I recently purchased the Axon 7 mini. At first, the dolby music playback was flawless. But, I recently purchased some nylon mesh shorts to take my morning walks. I carry the phone in my pocket while walking and the music playback goes haywire, with tracks stopping, starting, changing tracks, and just going erratic. Cannot keep the music playing consistently. After two or three days of this, I wondered if the nylon may be causing some kind of interference, or the static caused some issues with the phone. Initially, when I bought the phone, I would wear cotton jersey shorts, with no problem. Today, I went back to the cotton shorts and no problem. Can anyone shed any light on this, as I purchased the light nylon shorts for walks in this brutal Texas heat? Does anyone know of a fix for this, or is there something in the settings for this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I am happy with the phone.

"Hot down here in Texas"


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    ​, I use a nylon running belt and don't seem to have any issues...doesn't mean there isn't something with the shorts though.  Just a throw out from left you have DTTW turned on?  I used to, and noticed that it would turn on while in my pocket.

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    Don't know what DTTW is. Thanks for your reply. I would like to get to the bottom of this, as I also own a new ZTE Blade V8 pro, and this is not an issue with this phone.

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    Double tap to wake. If you have it enabled, disable it and run like that for a bit.

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