ZTE Zmax Pro review

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I have the ZTE Zmax Pro currently with metro PCS. I have been using the ZTE model phones for the last 4 years. I decided to continue using ZTE as my preferred wireless device after having the original ZTE Zmax for 3 years and absolutely loved it. With the original ZTE Zmax I originally had in the beginning, I respected the phone for it's large screen size and exceptional price point. At first it seemed like any other phone, but over the next 3 years that I owned it, I came to realize just how reliable this device was to me. I eventually decided to upgrade after having the phone for an exceptional amount of time, that of which I upgraded to the Galaxy s6. With this phone I had it only one month due to the release of the ZTE Zmax Pro that unvailed a month later. Compared to the galaxy, the ZTE Zmax Pro impressed me, to have a device with double the memory and full hd screen resolution, and not to mention the state of the art finger scanner. This device exceeded my expectations of a device with budget pricing. I really enjoy zte's smartphone products, and plan to continue purchasing the ZTE Zmax lineup. I wanted to state my opinions for the next model, first off even though this may be obsolete, I would love to see the new model with a multicolor led notification light. The original ZTE had a notify led with 3 colors and the pro has a standard flash home key notification light. I would love to see the new model with notification led. I also would like to see the new model with more ram, I think with the pro, the embedded 32gb memory is ideal this day in age, however if we could enhance the ram from 2gb to 4gb, I believe it would make an outstandingly fast device that will sell fast. I wouldn't mind paying a higher price point for additional ram either. I also hear that the Zmax Pro series is expected to receive Android nougat 7.0, and that ZTE is sending beta versions to existing customers with these devices. I would love to try the beta version of nougat on my device, and would be happy to provide any feedback ZTE may need for development. If this is a possibility please email me at (edit by sshasan). Thank you ZTE for building quality smartphones at modest prices. You have indeed so far made me a lifelong customer to your products, and I look forward to seeing future lineups of your products soon. The original Zmax was a great phone, and the Zmax Pro is even better. I love my ZTE phone and promote ZTE whenever anyone asked what kind of phone I have. ZTE, you guys make incredible products, and hope you continue the quality budget trend of the Zmax lineup. Thank you for making my wireless capability experience easy and refined. ZTE you guys rock!!!


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