Zmax pro problems

So my zmax pro is glitchy with text messaging and phone calls. I'm having problems that when I type my text it will freak out and type in letters I'm not even near, or go to numbers I wasn't trying to access, also I'm having a hard time deleting words at times when it starts to glitch out.

When I'm on a phone call it will freak out and call someone else, mute, or black out in a call to where the other person cannot great my voice.

This is super flustering and I cannot get help, or replace my phone because it doesn't happen every single time. What can I do?

I've done a factory reset.


  • When I'm on a call: all the sudden the other person cannot hear me and I have to input my passcode, go to the call and press mute and unmute to get it to allow the other caller to hear my voice. Sometimes I will put the call on hold with my face up to the screen, or call someone else without trying to.

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