[Android Tips] Battery life Improvements: ARRR!!! MORE POWER!!!

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NO!!! My phone just died!!!!!  We all hate seeing the dreaded low battery indicator and the unpleasant experience of our phones/devices powering off when we least expect it. We want ARRRR!! MORE POWER!! The length of time that a battery lasts is highly determined by each individuals usage and the screen on time of the device.  Yes, having a bigger battery or a replaceable battery can greatly assist in this department but their are some basic things that we can do to improve the life of the battery regardless of its size or ability to be replaced.

1.  Power off your device:
Most people don't consider this an option and it may be impractical to manyHowever, if you take a camping trip and have no immediate access to power it may be your only option.  Powering of your device will  ensure that you have the battery power available when you need it most.  *Note: keeping your device in standby mode will still drain your battery, turning the device off will significantly extend the life of the battery.

2.  Power saving mode:  Many devices have some type of power savings mode which can be accessed through the device menu (Settings - Power - Power Saver). By activating this feature your device will automatically turn off many nonessential items like Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, etc., and dim the screen. Only essential processes will be available.  *Android 6.0 introduced the "doze" feature which enables  a "sleep mode" which helps to extend battery life How Android’s “Doze” Improves Your Battery Life, and How to Tweak It .

3.  Determine the processes that are using the most battery:  Everything running in the background of your device is using the battery.  Go to your device setting (Settings - Power - Battery Usage) to see which items are draining your battery the most and adjust your settings accordingly.

4.  Adjust screen brightness/Screen timeout:  One of the simplest things you can do is to place your screen brightness in auto mode which will automatically adjust the brightness of the display. It takes a lot of power to keep that bright screen lit!  Most people turn the brightness up when outside in direct sunlight so that the screen is readable. However, in the evening or in dark rooms try to adjust the screen brightness to the lowest level possible where you can still see the screen easily (usually this setting will be much lower than the setting used in auto mode).  *Also keep in mind that white/bright wallpapers use more power to light the display. If you stick with dark/black wallpapers and dark themes it will help to increase the life of the battery. Also check each of your apps as their are many that have a dark theme option).  You can also adjust the duration your screen stays lit from 15 seconds to even an hour (Settings - Display & Gestures - Screen timeout) The greater amount of time the screen is lit, the more it will drain the battery.

5.  Turn off radios you don't need:  Keeping your Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, & GPS radios on and running is convenient but it also drains the battery that much faster.  Turning these off will extend the life of the battery.  You can simply pull the drop down menu from the top of the display to reactivate each one when you need them.  Another option is to place your phone into "Airplane Mode" which will turn off all of the radios *(including Mobile Data).

6.  Turn off Back ground Data & Push Notifications:  Many of your social media apps and email apps are constantly running in the background searching for the arrival of new emails and notifications which drains the battery.  Although not as convenient as being notified immediately you can go into each individual app and adjust the frequency in the settings (ex: mail - settings - "your email account"  - Sync, Send & Receive - Peak time Sync - Manual) or adjust to a frequency that suites your needs.

7.  Uninstall Apps:  We are all guilty of downloading a variety of apps to try out and then they are left installed on our devices, rarely if ever used again.  Not only do these apps take up needed storage space but they may also run in the background draining the battery. Uninstall the apps when they are no longer being utilized. *Keep in mind, everything on your device is using a percentage of the battery. Whether it be an active widget, live wallpaper or unused app. Uninstall/Deactivate them and your battery life will be increased.

I hope that you have found some of these battery saving tips useful & informative and that it gives your device... ARRRR!! MORE POWER!!


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    Although many of you most likely know how to increase the battery life of your devices their may be some novices here that can learn a thing or two about it. I hope you utilize  some of these tips and your device gains - Arrr!! More Power!!! 

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    Good tips!

  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    ​ Thank You!! I tried to add some of my personal favorites and although many know how to implement the changes I wanted to add a few examples, had a lot of typos, hopefully I found them all

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    Not bad. I've practiced most tips out there and have a general rule of thumb of my own; don't download a ton of apps!! Haha, then you'll be good.

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    Great tips, and important for anyone putting a stronger focus in optimizing the battery life of their smartphone.

    The doze function plays a large role in improving standby time.

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