O.M.G. -- Lineage has saved my Axon 7. Hallelujah!



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    Glad to read your enjoyment of LOS. Its amazing how 2 people can increase our affection our phones.

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    How is the sound quality at the moment on Lineage OS? I know there were some problems earlier with both speakers not working (both speakers playing only channel of a stereo recording)?

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    Stereo sound has been fixed and works well.

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    Has your call quality improved on Lineage OS? I get constant complaints from people on the other end of calls, that I'm difficult to hear.

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    Thanks! It might be time to make the jump.

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    I'd bet that you could replicate those functionalities with third-party apps.

  • I've had no complaints re call quality, but I didn't hear any complaints before I installed LOS, so I can't really definitively answer. Incoming calls seems clearer, but it may just be because the volume seems to be jacked up on LOS. :-)

  • Hmmm... didn't realize I could sideload the ZTE camera. I assume that brings back slo-mo? That was the only change I could see in the camera with LOS was no slo-mo.

    I googled various versions of ZTE camera software and sideloading and only found one sketchy link. Where do I get the camera software? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

  • Jim, I have the same screen in updates. It says I'm on the May 8 nightly, but there's a button below that says "INSTALL." I assume that's what you mean. I had never looked at that before.

    But the afternoon after I rooted/installed, I got an alert for an OTA nightly update, and it seemed to install just fine. I'll probably wait to see what happens with the next nightly before I experiment with that INSTALL button. :-) Everything's working so well right now, I don't want to muck it up by pushing that tempting button.

  • Sorry... saw this after I responded to Jim.

    So, I got an alert that ASKED me to install the latest version of LOS, and it did it's thing. Is that not using the built-in updater? Either way, I assume I can just ignore the install button?

  • If you use the method linked earlier in this thread, I think it's REALLY hard to brick your phone. I'm certainly no rooting expert, and I haven't rooted a phone in four-plus years, and I figured it out. :-)

  • I didn't have an SD card until I decided to root (64G is PLENTY for me). I had to go to BB and get one. So it was fresh as morning dew. But no, I had no problems with it mounting or anything. Stuck it in the slot, downloaded all my files, followed the instructions, and bam! New phone! And 128G of storage I'll never use! :-)

    I don't know if it's worth $20-ish dollars to you to try a brand new SD card, but maybe that would help?

  • It's really nice to lose all the silly ZTE bloatware, have a passable version of ambient display and a fingerprint scanner that works first-try more than 50% of the time. I've used bluetooth (Jaybird X3's mostly), and that works great. I used SkyDroid to check yardages on the golf course Monday, and the GPS worked perfectly. Speakers sound great. You get the option for on-screen buttons if you prefer them (I don't). The screen doesn't come on during calls. ;-) There's probably a hundred more perks to it I haven't discovered yet because I haven't had time to delve into all the settings. But ALMOST every issue I had with this phone has been fixed with LOS. I haven't used it on ATT, so I don't know if the mic cutting out on calls issue is fixed (I'm on Verizon, and I only seem to have that mic issue when I try ATT for a month), the LTE reception is still crap, and my notifications are still annoyingly delayed, but the build quality, FF speakers, audio quality and other impossible-to-find features on phones these days outweigh the downsides.

    I said it earlier in this thread, but LOS shows how egregiously ZTE botched this phone with MiFavor. Other than the questionable LTE, this is a kick-**** phone that just needed working software. I went from literally about to throw this phone in the trash to thinking I might be able to keep it for at least a year or more. YMMV, but LOS has been just what the doctor ordered for me.

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    Decided to go ahead and make the jump a couple of days ago. I gotta say, the battery life is shockingly better. Started using the phone at 8:40 AM. About an hour of voice calling, several hours of podcast playback. Some light camera use, e-mail checking, etc. At 4:23 PM, I have 70% of battery left.

    The double-tap-to-wake feature is turned on, but the phone is no longer waking up the screen in the middle of calls. Not much apparent difference in sound/call quality or reception. Mic still sometimes glitches, requiring a switch between speakerphone and back. Fingerprint reader is great.

    Pokemon Go is the only thing I've had to give up, which I was prepared for. Also, Netflix has decided to not support rooted/unlocked phones, so you can no longer download the app from Play store, but must locate the apk and sideload it (this too may stop working soon). I flashed the ZTE stock camera app, and it works perfectly, but cannot save photos to the SD card. Also, the easter egg cat game is present.

    I'm running Nova Launcher on top of it, and all is snappy. I'd used CyanogenMod in the past, and other custom ROMS going back to Android Cupcake, which I ran on a Windows Mobile HTC Touch, long ago. So, I was pretty prepared. Steps I took:

    1. I flashed the official B19 from the ZTE website ( https://www.zteusa.com/axon-7/#update ),
    2. and then used the Axon 7 Toolkit ( [TOOL][WINDOWS][1.1.1][3-26-17] Axon7Toolkit | ZTE Axon 7  ) to unlock bootloader.
    3. After that, I used adb to push twrp onto the phone ( "adb reboot bootloader" and then "fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.0-0-ailsa_ii.img" in a command prompt),
    4. and then used TWRP to flash the universal bootloader/modem package and LineageOS from the SD card ([OFFICIAL]LineageOS 14.1 for ZTE Axon 7 | ZTE Axon 7  ).

    If you've never done this before (and want to), just read a lot, and take your time.

    I love having TWRP back, and the ability to use it to make full backups of my phone again.

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    I can't say I that impressed with LOS as far as battery life. It seems to drain faster than the stock rom. I also wish I had dolby back. For some reason I thought it was baked into the 14.1 firmware but I guess not.

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    I have like 6 months of warranty on my phone left so I'll probably be waiting till that's over before switching to LOS, or it might take a bit longer, but I definitely will be switching.

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