Axon 7 Screen Repair

I cracked the screen on my Axon 7, not usable. When I got in touch with the Canadian repair centre in St Catherines they informed me they were out of parts etc. and could not get to repairing my phone for at least six weeks, crazy. The USA centre said they could do it but could not ship it back to Canada. Repeated requests for help to the ZTE Canadian support email address have gone unanswered.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am in Calgary Alberta.


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    Update: I have yet to get a direct response from ZTE. My phone is now on its way to the USA repair centre in Texas. Once repaired it will be shipped to my daughter who lives in the USA who will then send it back to me. I am paying for the shipping from Calgary to Texas and from my daughter back to me. I have no idea how long this process will take and am now on another phone, not a ZTE. I am a big fan of the Axon 7 phone however until ZTE sorts out its support in Canada and at least has the courtesy to acknowledge that their Canadian customers are jammed up from a post-acquisition service perspective I will no longer be recommending it for purchase in Canada.

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    Update: I'm not sure anyone from ZTE even reads these but the posting has a cathartic affect on me. A full month later and I received a repaired phone from ZTE USA. ONE month of customer service process. Here is how the costs broke down to get through the process.

    All in Canadian dollars

    • Ship phone to ZTE USA repair centre. $27.00
    • Pay for screen repair ($US 79.00). 102.00
    • Ship phone to my daughter in USA. (Free on ZTE)
    • Ship phone to Canada. 39.00
    • Duty and taxes 111.00  ( I am fighting these with UPS but they want me to go back to ZTE and get another invoice issued stating it was a repair.  They put a value of $675.00 on the shipping documents. I will probably write the      $111.00 off as it would not be worth my time to try and deal with ZTE customer service again.

    A total of $279.00 CDN and one month to get a broken screen fixed. Conclusion great phone but not ready for Canadain prime time due to customer service.

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    Adding in for assistance.

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